Kerry Martin and Kwambox

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry talked about the confession of the 92 year old man who revealed he is the one who bought the gun that was used to murder Tom Mboya.

"Let me tell you mtu aseme ati Kenyans are not hardworking hio ni uongo, in fact our security officers I want to say congratulations there is a story that finally their starting to get clues after over 40 years ile murder ya Tom Mboya," Kwambox explained.

"Kuna a 92 year old amesema yooh mimi ndo nilienda nikanunua hio gun ilimshoot and am just like at 92 what touched this guy is it dementia or was it something he confessed unwillingly."


"I saw that story and I was like wow so now DCI wants to go and investigate azin it is like another who killed Tupac story," Kerry said.

According to Kwambox the moral of the story is that justice will eventually prevail no matter how long it takes.