Kwambox & Kerry Martin

On today's morning show, Kwambox and Kerry talked about how parents talk in their local dialect when they don't want their kids to understand what they are saying.

"If you are listening you probably grew up the way I did, I had parents who would speak mother tongue only when they would want to discuss stuff that they don't want the kids to know. Unaskia tu wanaongea ikikuja kwangu ni English ama Kiswahili am like okay fine am not going to learn it," Kerry said.

According to Kwambox if you luckily have parents who speak different languages their code of speaking is through gestures.


"Am just like you know how to spell, you took us to school eeii hawa watu wanatuona aje, but am sure they wish they had a language between the two of them," Kwambox said.

"If you could elect one language, if it was by force kwa system ya shule that you had to learn one language which one would it be and the language of course ni za Kenya, usikuje kutuambia Kiganda, hio tumekata, did you learn Kiganda when you were in school," Kwambox asked Kerry.

"No banange, they did not bring it on the syllabus," Kerry responded.