Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On yesterday's drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive talked about how ladies totally stop talking to their female friends once they mess up things but are always ready to forgive a cheating boyfriend several times.

"And this is something I have seen so many times women tend to forgive their cheating boyfriends very many times lakini that girlfriend of yours, that one friend of yours ata si ati alifanya kitu kubwa, alisahau tu kukuwish happy birthday," Xclusive said.

"Ata akufanya kitu kubwa ulikuwa umeongea about dress unapenda akaenda akanunua ama alikuomba viatu sijui heel ikafanya nini, some of the smallest reasons women munakosana and ni hivo, they don't talk and you wonder the same person aliforgive botfriend yake amecheat 10times, wewe amekukasirikia because ulisahau kumwish happy birthday na hajakuforgive for five years."


According to Mwalimu Rachel, female relationships are very deep and they are a representation of someone is and how much hard you go for your sister because it is a relationship that is more than friendship.

"So if my girlfriend akinikosea, kwanza ni ile njia ambayo atanikosea, wewe might seem trivial but to me going and getting that same dress what are you trying to tell me, this is what you are trying to communicate, number one you are not as beautiful, hii nguo inanikalia best on me, number three in this dress I can steal your man, number four haunipendi," Mwalimu Rachel explained.

"For me it is not sisterhood it is pettiness because you have sisters, wewe mwenyewe ukona sisters ambao munakosana nao but you don't cut them off, munaeza kosa kuongea for two weeks," Xclusive said.


Mwalimu Rachel then went on and said cutting off your sisters is impossible just because of the fear and respect they have for their parents.

Xclusive then urged the listeners to give out their comments whether it was sisterhood or pettiness.