Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On yesterday's drive show, Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive had a conversation about Kenya's ceremonial Olympics attire.

"Now kulikuwa na kit yenye ilitolewa ya the Olympics team that is going to Paris and many people had a lot to say about it and many Kenyans Gen Z sana sana feel like the design of this kits does not represent us as our Country in our coolness and our forwardness in thinking," Xclusive said.

"It is hidious afadhali waende tu na t-shirt na jeans, t-shirt iandikwe anguka nayo Olympics 2024 ni sawa I will be okay with that please what are those wraps, I know for ever we've been trying to associate the Maa culture with Kenyan athletes and also the Kenyan look out there," Mwalimu Rachel said.


"We love it, it's great but the way you are trying to incorporate that maasai wrap and then t-shirt and a strand on the side and a polo shirt that is unazip huku juu apana bwana tumekata."

According to Xclusive when he went through social media what got his attention was that there was a committee that was designing those kits.

"I doubt aliweza kukaa chini na kudesign kitu kama hio," Mwalimu Rachel said.


"Nimeona hapa hivi captain Vinny pia ako hapo," Xclusive said.

Mwalimu Rachel was so surprised to hear that even Vinny was among the committee and yet his fashion sense is undoubtable and very sensible.

"Alafu unaniambia this is the best they could do I reject hashtag reject Olympics kit," Mwalimu Rachel said.

"Now I have gone very quick kuangalia Babu hajaongea kitu but nimeona Vinny amesema listen I was called in as a professional in the fashion industry and we gave our opinion but the final decision was in the hands of the CS Sports ," Xclusive said.