Kwambox & Kerry Martin

During today's morning show, Kwambox and Kerry discussed how the Liberian President set a notable example by cutting 40% of his salary.

"He said enough is enough, my people are suffering, the economy is struggling, and the dollar is wreaking havoc," Kwambox remarked. "He's decided we have to do better, that's Liberia for you."

"So, what kind of pay cut did he implement?" Kerry inquired.

"He slashed his own salary by 40%," Kwambox replied. "Imagine that, a 40% pay cut!"

Kerry joked that he couldn't survive such a cut on his own salary because he's not the President.

"The Liberian President, Joseph Bwakai, that's a commendable move, you know their capital city is called Freetown, maybe everything is free there," Kerry added.

"At this rate, the next President, starting with a 40% cut, might end up making the presidency free by 2030 or 2040," Kwambox quipped.

Kerry then pondered if Presidents could pressure each other like Kenya's Gen Z pressures the government.

"Nigerian Gen Z has announced 10 days of action similar to what Kenyan Gen Z did," Kerry mentioned.

"In Liberia, Joseph Bwakai's 40% pay cut is setting an example; we need more African Presidents to feel the pressure and support the people," Kerry emphasised. "It would be great if our President did that."

Kwambox speculated that President Ruto has already started by abolishing the office of his wife Rachel, suggesting he might consider reducing his own salary next.

"Guess who's going to get a pay cut? My girl! Anyway, we started it all; Kenya is leading the way," Kwambox concluded.