Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On yesterday's drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive, Rachel reflected on how living in Nairobi has toughened her and other women.

"Have you noticed how we're adopting 'boyish' traits? It seems we're becoming tougher every day. I'm not sure who to blame for this, but it's a noticeable trend," Mwalimu said.

"Listen to Cate from South C," Xclusive interjected, "she told me she realized her manners had changed when she started listening to Wakadinali's hardcore rap.

These are songs typically associated with young men, yet she knows every word by heart."

Mwalimu Rachel continued by reading comments from listeners: "One listener said, 'Mwalimu, I even went to the protests.'

This is significant; we saw many women out there exercising their constitutional rights. Traditionally, women are expected to stay home while men fight for freedom."

"Lucy from Utawala loves the show," Mwalimu Rachel read another comment, "and now my favorite artist is Rudeboy. It's crazy! And let's wrap up with Mueni from Machakos, who says, 'The mannerisms I've seen, I now ghost like a boy.' Isn't that something?"

According to Mwalimu Rachel, in the past, women didn't reject love outright, but now they fearlessly do so.

Xclusive added that men should find ways to regain women's affection instead of facing rejection. "They are our princesses, our delicate flowers," Xclusive stressed.

"You guys started mistreating us, abusing our trust," Rachel pointed out. "So, we decided, if you're ghosting us, we'll start ghosting you. It's as simple as that."