Kwambox and Kerry Martin

During today's morning show, Kwambox and Kerry had a conversation about a Jamaican guy who won a jackpot of 130 million.

"Yooh but our mood here is not meee at all right before we took a break we were talking about this Jamcan guy what happened,"Kwambox asked Kerry.

"All right there is this guy in Jamaica who won one million pounds that is about 130 million jackpot," Kerry responded.


"First I would like to thank my mum, even just imagining that kind of cash weeh, let me ask you if you won it yesterday last night leo ungekuwa wapi," Kwambox asked Kerry.

In response, Kerry said he would still be at work which Kwambox really doubted it a lot.

"Leo ningekuwa job, sikudanganyi,"Kerry said.