Kwambox and Kerry Martin

During today's morning show, Kwambox and Kerry discussed the trending news about Cartoon Network potentially shutting down.

"Yesterday, 'RIP Cartoon Network' was trending, and people were saying Cartoon Network is shutting down. I can't believe it, so I did my homework, and it's actually not true," Kerry said.

"Where would they take Ed, Edd n Eddy?" Kwambox asked.

"Ed, Edd n Eddy are already gone," Kerry explained. "You don't know the whole story behind the cartoon? Their neighborhood is purgatory, which is why they can't leave it. It's called Peach Creek, and they all died tragic deaths. That's why their tongues are black; they're dead and stuck in purgatory."

Kerry further explained, saying, "Eddy was obsessed with money because he died during the Great Depression. Edd loves books and comic books because he died during the rise of the popularity of comics toward the end of the Second World War. Double D is obsessed with farm animals because he died in 1903 when farming was very common."