Kwambox & Kerry Martin

On today's morning show, Kwambox and Kerry discussed the most ridiculous ways people get divorced in Kenya.

"You know that wouldn't apply to Brad Pitt," Kerry said. "One time, Brad Pitt was married, then he shot 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith,' met Angelina Jolie, and it seemed like his marriage with Angelina was going well. Over there, it's like people treat marriage like a game of tag."

"The divorce rates are high," Kwambox added. "Here, you know, to get a divorce, you have to go to court, explain to the judge why you want to get divorced, and the judge might even tell you to go for marriage counseling."

According to Kwambox, instead of going to court, many Kenyans simply step out of the relationship and start another one with a different person.

Kerry then went ahead to explain why he brought up the topic saying that he had watched a certain movie over the weekend, which inspired him to discuss it in the studio.