Kamene and Jalang'o
Kamene and Jalang'o
Image: Kiss100

Kamene Goro is not having it this morning with Frankie Just GymIt and the ksh 6000 he is sending to his baby mama Maureen Waititu.

Complaining to Jalang'o on The Morning Kiss, she said the money he claims he pays as child support is too little  to support their two children. 

Jalas, just like any other man quickly came to the defense of the gym trainer saying,


In this corona times who will you train and take pictures of? At this point, we have to accept and say that Frankie is trying and he is doing his best. It is for Maureen to accept that this is what baby can afford for now so let us budget and work things around it. 6000 is enough

Kamene and Jalang'o
Kamene and Jalang'o
Image: Kiss100

Kamene put it point blank saying ,  

Listen, you have convinced me to have two of your children and now your going to tell me to understand? I do not need to understand nothing. 

Jalang'o interjected saying,

I mean the children wanakula mkate na mayai in the morning and lunch wanakula nyama na ugali na jioni chapati na maini what do you people want.

An irritated Kamene said a thousand bob a day for all those meals is impossible.

"No no no.. the question is what is Maureen also doing herself. We are co-parenting here. Most baby mamas think that now when we break up this guy moves out kazi inakua ya the man, no. We are co-parenting, bring your six i bring my six we have 12,000 put to together we have healthy children. But even with that six thousand, the kids are too healthy." Jalang'o said

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The one piece of advise Kamene Goro had for Frankie and others like him is if you cannot afford to take care of children, then stop procreating. 

This guy is irritating me. 6000 a week and you want to cry for me with another baby on the way? If you can not afford it, do not do it. You know you are complaining about spending 6k a week and you still go ahead and have another child? If the wallet in pocket is not willing, the body should not do. You only have children if and when you can afford them. Frankie stop procreating!

Frankie Just GymIt
Frankie Just GymIt Frankie Just GymIt
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Surprisingly, most of the ladies who called in were in full support of Frankie's contribution and this made Jalang'o happy that they understand. Even single mothers who called in said they get less and even others nothing. 

Men were definitely on Frankie's life saying that women usually ask for too much. Even if he was contributing more, she would have still complained.