Pesa ni sabuni ya roho! It is quite obvious that people  can undergo quite a transformation after their mulla start adding up. These gospel artists, Mtoto Wa Mama Bahati, Willy Paul the Pozze, Hope Kid the General and the famous Kelele Takatifu have hilarious TBT photos of when they didn’t know what style or fashion was.

Here are photos of these artists when they were broke and dusty like hell;

Kelele Takatifu

Ilikua ngori! It is evident that in those days the two Bamba Mbaya hit makers hardly knew what glamourous was. Their old fashioned casual look can obviously tell their past.

kelele takatifu

Willy Paul

Tiga Wana! That is the song title of his latest song but can also refer to his ‘swag’ or rather lack of in this pic. He must have been performing his song Rabuka while rocking this, shiny oversized suit and studs.

willy paul(1)


It looks like Bahati hadn’t started writing love letters and was nowhere near growing his bushy dreadlocks. Maybe he was actually serious into doing real gospel music… Let’s just say times and money can truly change a person.


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Well, he must have been colour blocking his style during those days before he got his own fashion identity. Hope Kid who now has a new hit Mzito Ni Yesu has entered the list of controversial gospel artists in Kenya after critism over the song.