The body of Mildred Odira, who worked at Nation Media Group, was found at City Mortuary by her family who had been looking for her for days.

Her body was in a pile of others that had been taken there by the police. She had been missing since Tuesday last week. The body of the 32-year-old woman was dusty, one leg was broken and intestines protruded from the belly. A close examination showed a wound on the neck and an injury on the head.

A few days before this, the story of Mary Wambui (above) was highlighted on the news after her body was found in a dam near Ruiru. Her husband and his other girlfriend are the main suspects of the murder.

The death of Mary Kamangara and Mildred Odira have left Kenyans in shock and afraid. Here are a few similarities highlighted in the cruel death of the two women.

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The life slain woman Mildred Odira lived before her mysterious death

  1. Both Women have sons they have left behind
  2. Both deaths are mysterious with no evidence of who killed them
  3. Both lives were lost along the super highway
  4. In both deaths, men are the main suspects
  5. Both have died in January
  6. Both had head injuries

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