The outspoken singer made the announcement over the weekend that she and her mzungu bae are excited to be finally expecting a bundle of joy.

Nyota Ndogo has never shied away from letting the world know how much she adores her mzungu husband and all the things he does for her that makes her a happy wifey.


The ‘Watu na Viatu’ singer’s announcement has however not pleased some of her fans who felt she should have kept such personal information to herself.

She posted a video of her husband running around the kitchen attempting to make for her a meal, She explained the video by saying, ‘Pale unapomwambia mume nina mimba then anakwambia don’t touch anything I will do it for you’.

One of her followers blasted her by writing

rosebe24….Hii ni Instagram account yako nyota so you can post whatever you like! Be careful na wale wanasema eti ungepost vitu kama hizi na mambo mengi sana hao ndiyo madui 🤔. Sio mbaya mbaya kushare your happiness/good news with your fans 🤗🤗🤗. Congratulations once again one of favourite artist in Kenya! God bless.

Other fans defended her video saying when a woman is expectant, it is an exciting time and she can d whatever she wants.

cutehammy64…Congrats dear…thoz with negative thoghts am sure ni watz coz hao ni hayo tu na wivu mwingi
toosmartma..Ningempata huyu ningezaa kila mwaka aisee
mamainde..Sio kwa mbio hizo jikoni.kumpata wa ivo nabeba mimba yearly
upendogeofrey..Hongera sana
sister_yuna..Congrats sister
john.muye..That’s western blue skies lifestyle, its normal there, when your wife tells you she is pregnant, then you love her more,congrats star.