It would seem Lulu Diva is not done with the drama and biy does she love stirring up a storm. The Tanzanian singer has released a song that many pundits and fans are convinced is about Diamond Platnumz and that isn’t even the shocking part.

Exclusive: ‘Women Will Be The Downfall Of WCB’ – Diamond Platnumz Reveals

While it is known that Diamond Platnumz doesn’t shy away from singing about his personal life and especially the personal lives of his signed artistes, it will come as a shock to many that a woman decided to put out a song allegedly describing what Diamond is like in bed.

‘This is disrespectful!’ Harmonize shouts at Diamond

The song is packed with some shocking and interesting lyrics and they allude to him not being an advocate for protection or coitus interruptus or him being a murram road bandit a.k.a Diamond is a member of the sewage battalion!

Tanzanian gossip you have to admit is just on an entirely different level!

My question is, what the hell is this lass on? She seems to have decided to burn down the bridge, drain the swamp and make it a sewage depository!

And all the while, when Tanasha spoke about the situation, she at first said that she wouldnae allow herself to stay in a situation with Diamond where he is cheating and enjoying the company of other women:

Tanasha Donna gives Diamond an ultimatum

I wonder how this situation will unfold… For now, check out the song Chekecha below:

Huu mwandiko wa huu wimbo ni wa Diamond kabisaaa yaanii