macharia mwende

Media personality Mwende Macharia shocked many of her fans when she spoke about parting ways with her baby daddy who is gospel music’s most sought after producer and director, J Blessings.

Now, it seems like all that drama is water under the bridge.

Yesterday, she interviewed him on air.

Fans and baby mamas out there branded her as a “strong, confident and mature” professional for handling the interview like a bauuusss.

After all, he is the father of her son even though he dumped her and left her pregnant for the luscious songstress Chantelle (with whom they have now parted ways).

At some point she contemplated suicide as she felt her world had shattered as she never imagined herself starting out a new life as a single mother.

Kudos Mwende for being the best version of you.


Gossip pundits have termed the interview as the most trickiest and difficult as many could not tolerate some of his responses and could have already started the drama in the studio.

The bold and sexy radio personalty didn’t hesitate to ask the ex-boyfriend whether he was single and offered to hook him up if he was. A clear indication she had moved on.

The break-up must have left her with a heart of steel according to how she handled the interview.

The two ex follow each other on social media, meaning they are in good terms as now they have a son together.

Here is a shout out to all ladies that where dumped by a man. That is not the end of life all you need to do is to wake up and shake off the dust and move on to be even stronger.

It is not fair for you to wallow in self pity, just be like Mwende, discover who you are and find your identity.

The best revenge you can show your ex is to find happiness and ensure you progress in your life goals.

She shared a photo moment after the interview and here are some of the positive replies and the photo;

mwende and j.blessing
gesareeznah: Wow Lvly….. Wish mngerudiana….. Luks exactly Lyk champ
odo_platinumz: Was good, but mrudiane….mimi napenda kuona watu wakiwa pamoja
maureensamson: Watu warudiane
sherrbittz: Your looking so good together. I love it.
sherrbittz:  Amen maana wazazi wa champion napenda tuu wameendana ata kushinda yule tokelezea wa jibril,sina ubaya na Chantell lakini ni kweli mwende ni shoka jamanirii.
flossinmauwano1: Looking good together u both is an awesome couple baba na mama champion
kaliboyonah: Baba n mama Champion…
nellykim3050: You look good together………. Aki rudianeni tu
freshiah: Weeeeeee you both look too gorg!!!!!
nanciebwar: Hebu mrudiane mwendelee penye mliachia pliz
sylvia_slyy: Haki si mrudiane tu please. Champ might be excited to see this photo
rosemaryshie378: Baby daddy on fleek
beckymsafi: U 2 were meant for each other
evancecyscaMwende:  Just forgive him mrudiane pls it will be amazing aki.

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