Word about how Wendy Waeni was allegedly scammed by her manager has been doing rounds on social media after she recently outed Joe Mwangi of taking control of her social media and not letting her have any say on what will be posted, what brands will be endorsed and how the money generated will be split.

Wendy Waeni’s mother breaks her silence, reveals she is being threatened

Wendy Waeni was met by a furious rebuttal from Joe Mwangi who took t social media to claim she was reading her lies off a script and soon it would become clear who the puppet masters were. And he even went after Wendy Waeni’s new manager in an epic twitter beef (I think these are still called tweefs).

Joe Mwangi responds to claims he used Wendy Waeni for personal gains

While this situation is the exact definition of a clusterfuck, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Size 8 declared her intention to work with the young gymnast and perhaps this will be just what the doctor prescribed as a solution because let’s face it, the Murayas (Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo) really do seem to have the Midas touch.

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Check out Dj Mo and Size 8’s multi million shilling mansion in Lavington

She took to her social media account to announce her decision saying:

Watching @wendywaenikenya speak has taught me this ” never give up always press on no matter the hardship never give up keep going someone might be watching you and God might be creating a beautiful testimony for others encouragement. Never give up on God it all works out for Gods glory.” Big up to the 3 girls. Go on little ladies. Currently looking for this little young lady @wendywaenikenya .Woi if only we can get her a TV woi @djmokenyado something