Size 8 is pregnant and looking great courtesy of that pregnancy glow. And there is nothing quite as nice as seeing a couple enjoy the pregnancy journey together. Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo are basking in the pregnancy glow and even the poses they take when having a photo taken show that the couple is of hive mind in their anticipation for the baby.

They recently posted a photo and the caption Size 8 put on it was a rather touching one that shows her determination to carry this pregnancy as healthily as possible to term as in the past she has opened up about the difficulties she faced when she ended up miscarrying a pregnancy:

‘The devil tried to take my life away’ Size 8 cries

Battles are a sign of new levels approaching!!!!! In battle we cry to God and trust in His power to win the battle for us!!!!! We might be in the middle of a battle but am certain Jehovah will cause us to win!!!!! @djmokenya #Godwinsalways #themurayas ….. Praise be to God who always leads us to victory in Christ Jesus!!!!!