Must be nice to have a wife and friend like Size 8.

The babe has coughed up sh150,000 to gift her husband, DJ Mo, the phone of his dream, the iPhone 11Pro Max. The deejay and so many other people in Kenya are dreaming to own that phone but the way January is set up, they cannot afford it.

Size 8 posted a video of her surprising him and captioned,

After the morning slap😂😂woi I had to redeem myself 🤣🤣I thank God that He enabled me to surprise my Love @djmokenya with this latest mobile phone of his dream (iPhone 11 Pro Max), which he has been talking about mimi hata sijui vizuri🤣🤣🤣

The video before that was of her wishing her husband a happy birthday but he was not paying attention so she slapped him to snap back and he was daymn shocked.

In an exclusive interview with Size 8, the singer told Kiss 100  that the two spent the day in a childrens home that they financially support.

They cut cake with the children, and she said that is what gives the two joy, making people happy.

‘VIP comes with practicals?’ Size 8 and DJ Mo trolled over Valentine’s event

So many of her followers are men who wish they had a wife like her but if you want to be like Size 8, go for ‘The Muraya’s’ dinner and get some education on how to maintain such marriages.

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