It has not been easy for Size 8 when it comes to her pregnancy journey.

She finally got the courage to share with the world that she is expecting another baby. She shared a picture and a quote that left her followers in tears. Read the story below:

‘Soon I will hold my baby in my hands’ Size 8 announces pregnancy

Size 8 calls her second-born a miracle because, despite medical reports, the child has still survived. In her thanksgiving message, she mentioned that medical reports were not positive but she can confirm the faithfulness of God is sufficient.

She had a surprise baby shower courtesy of her husband DJ Mo and her close friends including Wahu and Dj Creme’s wife, Denise

In that setting, she had nothing but close friends and family and because they know what she has gone through. She shared a speech that left them emotional.

‘Let me have the grace to hold another little one again’ Size 8 whispers a prayer

Size 8 cannot help but be grateful for her little miracle. She gave her guests a solid piece of advice that they should not take things like baby showers for granted. Even sitting there to celebrate the baby is an amazing gift because the journey there was not easy.

What shall I render to Jehovah for He has done so very much for my family and I!!!!!! I just want to praise my God to celebrate His power for He has given me and my baby LIFE!!!! Am greatful to Jehovah for allowing me to even have a baby shower am alive only because Jesus did it on the cross!!!!!!! To all who planned the surprise God bless you all!!! To my husband @djmokenya woi mtu wangu woi we are almost there swity thank you waaa uve been the pillar!!!!!

DJ Mo has been by his wife’s side through the ups and downs of the pregnancy. He posted a video of her crying at the miracle God has given the family and captioned,

We thank God for everything, It’s been a journey and I still insist, I respect women more …anyway a big shout out to these great close friends who planned for this baby shower, (I was just an executor 😂) we tricked her a good one then mkanifukuza 😢…

Watch the video below:

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