Your face is basically what everyone looks at every time and I know it would such to have people look at your face all day when your face is covered with acne and zits. It lowers your confidence and makes you feel insecure about yourself and that’s the last thing you need. So in hopes of trying to help prevent this from happening to you here are five skin hacks to help prevent acne breakouts on your face.

First off you need to be having a skincare routine. Washing your face two times a day with a face wash applying an AM and PM moisturiser to help hydrate your face and scrubbing your face twice a week to remove the dead skin on your face. If you have those down and apply some of these hacks but still struggle with acne and zits you should visit a dermatologist. It could be an allergic reaction to something or more.

  1. Protect your face from your hair

This applies to the one with long hair trickling down to their face. Your hair is just filled with dirt product and dust. All these are the main component when it comes to acne breakouts by clogging the pores. So you want to prevent hair falling on your face when you go to sleep at night. So when you go to bed with something to hold your hair back from falling onto your face.

2. Wipe down your phone and anything else touching your face Related image



You might not ko this but the surface of your phone actually has more bacteria than a toilet seat. That’s cause you touch your phone with dirt hands its passed around multiple people who lord know what they touched and you place it all around dirt surface that isn’t as clean as you think. All that bacteria transfers onto your face when you’re talking to someone on the phone. What you want to do is every night wipe down your phone with an anti-bacterial wipe. This applies to your shades glasses and anything else that touches your face on a regular basis.

3. Chance your pillowcase

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Your pillowcase is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  which cause acne. You should be changing your pillowcase at least once a week. All that business of keeping your pillowcase for a month needs to stop now!

4. Do yoga

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Yoga is great for multiple reasons but for this scenario. Yoga is great for getting your heart pumping increasing your blood flow. All the blood rushing to your face is great for removing toxins. Plus yoga is great for reducing cortisol level which is a stress hormone The higher your stress the higher your oil production on your face. This causes your face to have a breakout. Lower stress the less your chances for an acne breakout.

5. Avoid over-washing your face

Related imageYou need to be washing your face twice a day once at night once during the day no more no less. If you wash your face more often thinking it’ll make your face cleaner it’ll actually have the opposite effect. The more you wash your face more your body produces oil. That oil production yea its not the best for your face. Its actually the cause of acne and zits.

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