Straight off the win of a civil lawsuit against Shailja Patel, Tony Mochama a.k.a Smitta Smitten has taken aim at Kamene Goro.

Woman who owes Tony Mochama 9 million after court ruling flees country

The writer whose nome de plume is Smitta Smitten writes in some gobbledygook language in that free value addition they hand out in the Friday Standard in which he took shots at Kamene Goro over a story she told in an interview with True Love magazine.

It was terrible! Kamene Goro talks about losing her virginity

The story Kamene Goro told was of how she attempted to commit suicide by swallowing 70 pills but she managed to get herself to hospital in the nick of time to get her stomach pumped and her life saved.

Insecurities: Kamene Goro addresses her weight

A nonplussed Smitta Smitten said that the only reason she was able to achieve this feat was because she was fat. According to Smitta, God had nothing to do with saving Kamene Goro but rather all the KGs she’s packing.

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Talk about an absolute ass!