Chioma, Davido’s love has finally spoken about her relationship with the Nigerian superstar.

She has been spotted severally on Davido’s social media and he is clearly marking his territory. Other than that, he has even mentioned her in one of his biggest songs, Assurance.



Davido in an interview a while back said he met Chioma back when the two were in school. Chioma has now confirmed the story after answering one of their fans who asked her how she met Davido. She said:

I met him in school through a friend. My friend was dating his friend.

According to Nigerian blogs, Chioma’s parents are not happy with her after she decided to drop out of school and pursue her love for Davido. It was alleged that she had dropped out of school following her struggle with her studies.

Director of Communications and Marketing, Joshua Suleiman was contacted and he said

I don’t know the person; you know I cannot know every student. But I can give you the number of the students’ development staff; I am not sure they will also know her unless they find out. I manage the school’s information, but we have about 10,000 students. Even lecturers don’t know all the students in their class

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