Celebrities attract trolls regardless of what they do, and Daddy Owen has not been spared the wrath of social media after a major captioning something about his wife.

Daddy Owen just baited himself with a caption on his Instagram page that insinuated that his better half has no brains.

This fine morning daddy Owen just posted a photo of himself and his wife looking all cute, in black and white. He then captioned the photo beauty and brains. He then went forward and added that he was the brains and his ‘bae’ Faridah Wambui was the beauty.

This caption led him to have to answer tonnes of questions. Does this mean that she has no brains? Is she just a beauty without brains?

Mwanamke ni tabia, sura hata mbuzi anayo: Daddy Owen’s wife proves she’s wife material

He captioned;

She’s the Beauty and I am the Brains.

He should have thought this through before captioning, questions came streaming in as to whether his wife had brains or not.

Unamaanisha brain munatumia zako😂😂

Another fan asked;

Broo unamaanisha hana buruwein, ama unataka ku cause pwein

He tried to answer his fans by saying that they are one thing and so her beauty and his brains joined to become beauty and brains. Lol.

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