Chipukeezy has finally talked about the struggle of being a celebrity. The best way to put out such information is through music, as he did.

Clearly, manz is a jack of all trades. He is not only a comedian but a media personality and now, a musician.

He released a song yesterday titled, ‘Let me tell you my story ❤️ I hope you get inspired’. 

It might not have acquired the views he was hoping for but the message is deep.

Chipukeezy has been through a lot to get to where he is and in the song, he explains it all. He used the idea and beat to Harmonize’s song (we hope he asked for permission), Atarudi to give his fans a brief 4 minutes video of what his life has been before Chipukeezy The Comedian.

“Let me tell you my story hope you get inspired. My dream was to become a reporter but comedy suddenly proved to be my cup of tea. Jokingly, I started comedy and God helped me meet up with Churchill and he helped pave way for me in as much as so many people said I was not talented. Now I have my own show and paper and to those who laughed at me when I had two akalas, sorry to you. Never give up nor lose hope because God is there for you.” He sang

He went on to add that in as much as he has so many haters, he will live by the wise words his mother told him, “Do not revenge”.

My mother warned me against human beings, They may smile with you then talk behind your back as soon as you turn. But she taught me not to archive hate in my heart and do not revenge bad deeds with bad just be good to your haters. 

Chipukeezy ended his life story by saying that he is not yet where he wants to be but he is grateful for where he is.

I still have a long way to go, I am not yet there but I am grateful for the far I have come and bless my family.

The comments on both his social media platforms and his YouTube channel are full of sympathetic fans.

Guys who are also proud of the far he has come and how he has managed to pull through despite going through the worst.

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In the video, you will see he is subliminally throwing shade to a few famous faces and voices you know that called him out for lack of talent.

Yes, Edgar Obare did not miss the cut.

Listen to his music career debut below:

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