Anita Nderu has clearly been through what she’d call hell and back.

She spoke about depression and how fake friends who treated her so badly, have been a part of her life but she is slowly and surely healing from it.

Anita Nderu/ Instagram

During the International womens day, she posted saying that it is sad women are their own biggest enemies

Women really are each other’s worst enemy and it is so unnecessary. The pie is so massive there needs not to be one queen. We can all win. How cool would it be if we looked after each other and treated each other like we do everything else? Can we just sisterhood the hell out of each other please? If men can do it surely we can do it better. We are better at everything 😅 I fiercely love, support and root for womankind. Let’s woman up! We are an incredible species💕 Let us always be there for each other💕 Empowered women, Empower women. Be confident enough in yourself and your ability 💕” read part of Anita’s post.

Anita Nderu/ Instagram

Anita Nderu finally opens up on what caused her depression

Anita Nderu said that despite some women mistreating her, she has not changed how she viewed women. Instead, it prompted her to ensure that women were treated better.

“I have had the honor of being influenced by incredible women but I have also had the unfortunate luck of being mistreated by them. So I say this to you today just incase you have been in my shoes, you shall be fine. Being mistreated did not change how I view women it made me want to purposely ensure that no other woman feels how I felt and no other woman should think it is okay to be so inhuman.” Anita posted

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu/ Instagram

She said she has a small circle of friends that she intends to keep that way because they are loyal.

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