Kate Actress has been keeping her daughter off social media and her reason is because people are cruel.

She’d rather protect her child from that because it is unnecessary to put an innocent baby girl through such gruesome and negative vibes.

A fan on Instagram asked Kate to show her loyal followers the two-month-old daughter and she responded saying,

Our social media is something else. We trash even innocent kids. Wacha ikae let me enjoy her cuteness alone

A few weeks ago, the Maempress actress took to Instagram to share some words of wisdom. To her and her husband Phill, it is not about hiding Baby K from the world but hiding the cruel world from Baby K

“Throwback! Baby K at 2 weeks. We are not hiding her from the world, just hiding the world from her. Such a cruel world especially here on social media. Thank you for all the congratulatory messages. You shall meet her when we are ready. If ever” Kate posted

Kate Actress shows off her daughter’s face (VIDEO)

Kate and Phill are very secretive when it comes to their family business and together they are one of the very few power couple. They grind together and enjoy the fruits together. I mean, they flew to The Maldives as a pre-push gift.

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