Kumbe hata yeye ni mentor! It looks like being a socialite nowadays is the easiest way to make money. Our very own Huddah Monroe seems to be mentoring some young girls who seem to be copying her lifestyle, from what she wears to how she walks, not to mention how she posts her mostly nude photos.

I wonder what else they are copying!


nai huddah3

A Tanzanian model, who is only identified by the name Nai Huddah, is one girl who imitates socialite Huddah and seems like she is really copying her. The girl is also a video vixen in the hit song by Darassa and Ben Pol dubbed Muziki which has now hit over 3 million views on Youtube.

Na Siameoza! Socialite Huddah Monroe’s Advice To Sexually Active Mafisilets Gets Fans Talking

nai huddah2

Nai Huddah, who is always posting Huddah Monroe’s pictures on her social media pages, is one uprising socialite in bongo land and her job is doing just fine. Or is she doing this to confuse fans? I guess they know how to differentiate fake and real.

nai huddah8

It is quite evident that socialite Huddah is marketing herself well to a point of positively influencing and getting copied by new socialites. But wait a minute!

Can Huddah get along with any other socialite? She and Vera Sidika are nemesis not to mention the rival relationship she has with Diamond Platnumz’s socialite wife Zari Hassan. Let’s hope these mentorship attempts between Huddah Monroe and Nai will go well.

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