Vanessa Mdee Juma Jux

It was the most talked about Vanessa Mdee’s boyfriend Juma Jux has opened up about dating the popular bongo star.

Last year, the two were involved in a public break up that saw fan’s blow the Internet reacting to the news.

Venessa mdee

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Jux, a singer and fashion icon has for the first time revealed that their break up was all his fault. In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, the hunk revealed the reasons behind their on and off relationship.

“Watu wengi wanajua mimi ndio niliyekua tatizo, sio uongo. I F#*Kd up. I can’t say what really happened but I surely messed up, but I have fought for her even the song Utaniua was about her. Sometime binadamu tunakosea but we are good now.”

Vanessa Mdee
Vanessa Mdee/ Photo: Moses Mwangi

So when is the wedding?

“Tunaelekea hivyo lakini tutajua ikifika, kwa sasa hivi bado.”

He added;

“Sisi ni kama watu wengine. We do things just like any other couple.You have to understand we are artistes. Most of my fans are female, wasichana ndio mashabiki zangu. Its hard sometimes I kiss my fans.”

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Jux says it has been very hard for him to date a celebrity;

“I love Vanessa so much but its not easy for a woman to understand the situation, its very hard. Sometimes I ask myself its its easier to date a girl who is not in the spotlight. Vanessa is my best friend na tunakuanga kama watu wengine tu nje ya muziki.”

Here’s an exclusive interview;