If you don’t understand a word of what Nigerian singer Davido says in his new jam ‘FIA’, one enthusiastic fan has gone as far as translating the lyrics to the song for us.

Davido has been in the news lately after he was accused of having a hand in the death of two close friends, which he denied. But the talented singer is not new to controversy or scandal. He always trends on social media, and his flashy lifestyle somehow rubs many the wrong way.

He has just produced a new song which goes by the name’ Fia’ and within two days it has garnered over half a million likes, this is evidence that the music is good .

One Nigeria Debel Ajiboye through a comment breaks down the lyrics to the song for his non- Nigerian fans. After the translation, you will see how the song now makes sense plus you will also realize that he was going through a dark period in his life.


Here is the meaning;
“Translation for non Nigerians. This song was composed by Davido at a difficult time in his career. Just a few weeks ago, he lost two close friends. While David was heart broken and mourning their death, national and international media were publishing all sorts of unprofessional reports blaming David for the cause of their deaths. The girlfriend of one of his lost friends dragged “the son of mercy” to public shame while the Nigerian police manhandled the case by giving out amateurish reports to the media without thorough investigations. These allegations did disturb David who was at that time just a few weeks into his 30 billion world tour. Unlike what his enemies thought and expected, the son of mercy was strong during the investigations, he cooperated with the police and proved his innocence with facts. A few weeks later, the son of mercy came out clean and back on his world tour. In this song David replies his enemies, the Nigerian police and Miss Caroline Danjuma ( Girlfriend of Tagbo, one of David’s friend that lost his life due to excess drinking).

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Below are pidgin and yoruba sentences used in the music.

0:31 Say make I wire wire – Wire in pidgin means two things, either money transfer or Internet fraud a.k.a 419

0:34 Ma gba oo – In Yoruba this means telling someone “to disagrees” or “not to allow”

0:41 Dey form Yemi my lover boy – Pretending to be a lover boy

0:45 You for dey for me when the boy dey hunger – You should have stood by me when I was broke 0:50 I for try for you – I would have tried my best to help you

0:53 You say “ If you no get money hide your face” I hide my face, make another man pikin run my race – This sentence can simply be translated as “ No matter the condition I will never let another man take my position” David is trying to remind his haters and fans that he will give up but continue to lead this game in good and hard times.

1:03 I love you no mean say if you say make I put one hand for fire, I go put hand for fire – The fact that I am in love with you doesn’t mean I will do any form of sacrifice for you.

1:12 He no mean say if you say make I put one leg for fire, I go put leg for fire. – This lyrically means the same-thing as what I wrote above.

1:40 Shukura kilo kosi o?, Shuku shaker aya shoe maker – « Shukura » is a female name. This sentence means: Shukura what are you putting on? Shuku shaker ( Shukura’s pet name) wife of a shoe maker.

1:49 Hola hola Mr Olopa, am not here to cause wahala – Calm down Mr policeman I am not here to cause trouble. Olopa in Yoruba language means « police man ». Wahala in Yoruba language and pidgin means trouble. I hope I helped you understand this song better. Peace out.”
Here is the Fia song;

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