With the final season of Game of Thrones debuting in just under two weeks, Maisie Williams stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night.

The actress, who turns 22 later this month, was spotted earlier on Monday taking a stroll with friends in New York City.

She was seen sporting a new pink hairstyle while out and about, and later on Monday night during her appearance on the late night talk show, where she played a huge April Fools Day prank on Game of Thrones fans.

Williams was all smiles while stepping out to greet Fallon wearing a unique black ruffled dress and black heels.

She was seen laughing and smiling with Fallon, who has started to grow a beard, in front of the large blue curtain that guests come out of.

The actress is one of just a handful of characters who have managed to appear in (and survive) all eight seasons of Game of Thrones, but in an epic April Fools Day prank, she pretended to accidentally give away a huge spoiler during her interview.


When pressed by Fallon to give away any details about the final season, she talked about how ’emotional’ her final day was, before revealing, ‘Arya dies in the second episode.’

The actress’ eyes widened and she covered her mouth, stunned that she let such a big secret slip, asking if this was live, with Fallon assuring her they can edit it out, while asking fans not to tweet about it.

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While they tried to continue the interview, Williams ran off stage, distraught, and when Fallon went to find her, they revealed it was all an April Fools Day prank.

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