The Kenyan youth are frustrated and depressed have have taken to social media claiming it is a tough world out here when it comes to employment.

Kamene and Kibe this morning wanted to understand what is happening when it comes to employment in Kenya. Their aim was also to try and see if there is a solution to the problem.

Seeing as there is a hashtag #Ilostmyjob on Twitter after SportPesa had to lay off all their employs. This got Kenyans opening up about their fears of losing a job and the struggles after losing it.

The Kiss100 breakfast team got a call from one guy who was pained by the fact that the lack of jobs in Kenya even chased people away to other countries just for them to do dirty jobs. They do not mind because it is better to have something than to have nothing.

I’d rather work in the Middle East, get paid 45Gs and sleep 15people under one roof than die jobless in Kenya. Furthermore, there’s no taxation working in Gulf. F****d up country!!!!

One lady called in saying she was among the many who lost their job under Sportpesa yesterday and just like every other caller and tweep, the government is to blame.

Am among those affected yesterday, why is the government so harsh on us, why all these taxes, why is the largest super brand dying and everything seems to be okay with our government as if no one depended on it, mtetezi wetu ni nani na wao wanaiba tu pesa zenye tuna taxiwa.

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Just to make sure all sides have their say, Kamene and Kibe called a Sportpesa CEO, Ronald Karauri and said it is not in bad light they had to lay off their staff.

we’ve been keeping our employes for 3 months with no revenue so we had to just do what he had to do. With the new taxation rules, the business has become tricky. Other online betting companies from outside are not subject to the rules we have been given because they are online. Anyone can download it from their app stores. We’ve not lost hope in this fight, we just can not support our employees anymore.

The one common thing everyone is agreeing on is the fact that the government should try and create the jobs they promised in their manifesto during their campaign.

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