Can’t afford the luxurious Range Rover? Don’t worry there is a copy AND it’s four times cheaper.

Even for a connoisseur of 4x4s, there’s little noticeable difference between the Range Rover Evoque and China’s new LandWind X7.

Except the £26,000 difference in price.

Range Rover maker Jaguar is so concerned by the knock-off that it is considering taking legal action against the Chinese manufacturer.

Chinese car maker LandWind launched its £14,000 X7 at the Guangzhou motor show in China last week.
Exterior and interior design 4960084 is virtually identical to the £40,000 Evoque – even down to the name ‘LAND WIND’ written across the bonnet in the same lettering as RANGE ROVER.

It’s almost certain that Jaguar – which recently opened a factory in China – will take legal action against the copycat Chinese car company.

LandWind is trying very hard to get into the European market. Its seven-seat CV9 people mover caused a stir in the industry when it was released for under £10,000. But it earned poor marks in the Euro NCAP safety ratings (crash tests), getting two stars out of five.