Jacque Maribe is back. This is after she took a hiatus from the limelight following her implication as a person of interest in the murder of Monica Kimani then subsequently being arrested and held in remand as the state did their investigations.

maribe jail cover

My life in jail! Jacque Maribe’s lawyer explains her drama behind bars

She has since been released on bail and she is a happy camper, taking to her second lease on life with a gusto that is nothing if not impressive.
And Jacque Maribe since then has enjoyed her return to the public domain, sharing alot of her happy moments on social media.

Babu Owino demands that Jacque Maribe’s ex fiance, Jowie Irungu, be given bail!

She has taken to travelling Kenya and enjoying the sights and sounds of the best of what she has to offer her people and the world in the form of animals and scenery. And her son has been along with her for most of the ride.
To our surprise, she also linked up with the father of her son Zahari, Eric Omondi, and Kenyans have lapped up every minute of it and every photo has had multiple likes and positive comments. This probably goes to show you how imaginative Kenyans can be because our collective imagination has been fuelled by these photos resulting in alot of questions regarding whether or not Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi are back together again.

Jacque Maribe bonds with her son doing some farming (VIDEO)

Today morning, however, I want to start your morning off right with a message from her that is guaranteed to energize you for the day ahead:

There is no sin in being weary. It’s in giving up. He who begun the good work in you will be faithful to complete it.
Love. Live. Laugh.