Tanasha Donna has seen her star rise higher and higher every single day and as much as many would attribute it to her relationship with ex Tanzania superstar, Damond, the songstress says it’s all about hard work and taking the best steps.

In a candid interview with True Love magazine, the singer turned musician shared her musical journey so far and the steps she had to take to reach where she is now.

The mother of one also delved deeper and opened up about the struggles of being an only child, life in Europe and how she coped with her parents’ divorce.

For those who do not know, Tanasha was born in England to an Italian dad and a Luo mother, 24 years ago and she is the only child.

She says that being an only child had its effects on her childhood.

Getting bored and having to talk to myself in my playroom with my dolls was the worst but I had four cousins and an uncle who would come over on the weekend so it wasn’t that bad.

After Tanasha’s parents divorced, they left England for Kenya where she lived with her mom and her Belgian step-father.

They would then relocate to Belgian at a tender age of three before returning back to Kenya as a 12-year-old. 

She says at first she found it hard to adapt to life in Europe at a tender age due to culture shock before she could fully get used to it. 

Europe changes people especially if you go there when you are young and are not wise enough to know what is right or wrong.

It was a huge culture shock. Kids my age were smoking, had crazy piercings and tattoos. I disliked it that first yer. But I eventually grew to love it.

Tanasha did not have the best teenage years. First her parents divorced while she was 15 after being together for 12 years and she admits she gave her mom a rough time, sneaking out to party as a 16-year-old girl. 

modelling career did not take off in Belgium, had done short media course

I started partying when I was 16. I Would skip school and disappear for days. There was a time I left home for a whole week.

In Belgium, you can’t just hit your kid. We would snitch on our parents because it is against the law to beat your child. I pulled this stunt a couple of times and was taken to an institution for two weeks which is standard when you report your parent.

However, Tanasha would eventually change her ways and returned to Kenya to start over after turning 20, this was after her modelling career in Belgium, didn’t go as she expected.

-Quotes exclusive to True Love magazine.