Lisa Gaitho is one lady who makes headlines whenever she posts anything on her social media page.

One of the times she has hit the headlines was when she advised women to wash their men, feed and treat them like babies in order to keep them.

Lisa Gaitho made it to the number one trending spot on Twitter for weeks on end. Women were against her advice and men were all for it.

It did not take long after those utterances that we all found out that Lisa Gaitho is single, AF!

She spoke about it.

The reason for the break-up was majorly because she felt the relationship did not have “God at the center of it all” and that’s not a life she “wants to live”.

Lisa Gaith is single at 30 and living in her parent’s house but she is not sorry about it.

This year she promised she will make a lot of changes in her life.

Here are a few facts you did not know about Lisa Gaitho:

  1. Lost her virginity at the age of 15

This happened when she was in high school and it was to her first love.

2. The first boyfriend cheated on her

The same man she gave her virginity to, ended up cheating on her when she traveled for a short trip.

3. She contracted an STI

Lisa confessed that she used to have unprotected sex with her boyfriend because well, he is her boyfriend. This is the same guy who cheated on her and to make things worse, he gave an STI though she does not mention which one.

The STI is what made her barren but she has hope all will be well.

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4. She was once a Muslim

When Lisa loves, she loves for real. Her boyfriend cheated on her severally and he had a type, Muslim girls. Because of the fear of losing him, she decided to convert into a Muslim just so he doesn’t go out and cheat on her.

5. She bleached her face

When you look at her face, you can clearly tell it is smooth but she honestly spoke out that she wanted to get rid of black spots and bought a creme from Tanzania but she questioned if it bleaches and the lady assured her it does not. Lo and behold, she turned white day by day.

6. She is saved

After all the struggles she has been through all her life, she decided to focus on God so that she can live according to God’s purpose.

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