Stivo Simple Boy trended after he dropped his big tune, Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati.

What caught many peoples attention was his ‘mjengo’ look, and he was trolled endlessly as memes were created.

He responded to trolls but unfortunately made the whole situation worse.

Inauma, lakini itabidi nizoee.


Despite all the negative comments, nothing is stopping Stivo Simple Boy from living his best life. He posted a picture of himself posing with his friend and partner under the Cute Boys Association and captioned,

Steps za Imani, Mungu mbele na mambo yote itakuwa sawa. 
Vitu vikali viko njiani ndio maanake ausio. 

That picture has brought all the girls to his yard. Now he is no longer ‘ugly’, he is fresh and cute. Women want a piece of him. He has been posing with beautiful lasses which has become a concern that they are now with him because he has money.

Ringtone switches gears, attacks Stivo Simple Boy

Women took to the comment section to compliment Stivo who has dropped the funny shorts and is now in a well-fitted suit and expensive shoes looking all dapper.

Cecile: Yummy yummy Veeeeery

Debie: 👏👏👏U look 🔥🔥🔥🔥dope… Eyy handsome nayo😘😘😘kudos

Fellie: This photo was taken after they put makeup on you🤔🤔🤔…cute boys🤪🤪

Victoria: Mtu wangu umeweza 🔥🔥🔥🤝

Naomi: Loooking niiicee

Stivo Simple Boy 2
Stivo Simple Boy 2

Shee: We are not ugly..we are just broke😆

Mkali: Cute boys association 😂😂

Spence: OMG mnakaa dooope meen

Rosa: Cute boys😄😄

Remi: Leaders of Cute Boys Association, mko sawa sana

Msupa: Naona ngozi inaendelea kugeuka😂😂😂…..from grass to grace

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