Stivo Simple Boy is now a star and with his newfound stardom comes unwanted attention from multiple corners, one of which is from women. And that is precisely what happened with Stive Simple boy and groupies.

Stivo Simple Boy 2

Stivo Simple boy releases fire new track, Inauma. Check it out here

The Kibera based, born and bred rapper was never a popular one with the ladies. But now, he has to fend them off with a stick. Hypergamy.

Stivo Simple boy leaves women thirsting with his new look

Anyway, when he was recently talking to Mzaai Willy M, he revealed that the only woman he would be willing to lose his virginity to is none other than Wema Sepetu. It should be remembered that Wema Sepetu is a former Ms Tanzania and she was at one time, and for a long time, with Diamond Platnumz.

And methinks we should orchestrate a meeting between the two to see what would happen were Stivo Simple Boy to shoot his shot.