P-unit has been keeping a low profile but they are promising something big very soon.

At least they are killing the rumour that they have split up after Boneye and Gabu released solo projects. Bon-eye did one of the biggest songs in Kenyan right now, Wamlambez and Gabu went Bongo after releasing a song with Mbosso, Ma Story.

Frasha has really been working towards his well being after taking the sobriety journey and just recently, he got saved.

That was when the rumours started that the group had officially broken up.

A few days ago, the group went for a video shoot and Bon-eye shared sneak peeks of the shoot and boy don’t this men look like snacks in very classy outfits.

‘I begin to live all over’ Frasha announces his move to salvation

I wonder what is cooking but you can start guessing from the pictures below:

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