From Kitale, Matisi, to South Africa. Dantez has an inspiring story.

The 14-year-old artiste joined Shaffie and Adelle in studio to reveal how he is living his dream as a musician.But first he started singing in 2014 when he was just 10 years old without any money, clothes or shoes but he was determined.

I started singing in 2014 when I was 10 years old. I used to sing in the streets and someone would throw in some money to me so I made it a point to save 80% of the money and in 3 months I made ksh3000

It wasn’t easy for him because he was a dirty guy with no shoes and clothes so guys would chase him away. This is what happened to him when he was trying to record his first song.

With just ksh3000, Dantezwent to studio to record his first song, Mawazo, but was first chased out but later he made it to record the song.

Dantez went to shoot his video in South Africa but he had to get an A in his exam. So how did it all happen?

i wasn’t given the news directly. I was to get an A before then but I didn’t manage to get it. I got a B+. so I knew that deal is off.  I come to Nairobi to record a video and also media tours, only for me to find my passport ready and visa in processs. that was when I was told I will be going to South Africa. So I am now in debt. I must get an A

It was his first time to fly out of Kenya so Dantez’ experience was mind-blowing.

my experience in the plane was exciting. I wanted to laugh all the way but I was calm looking at God’s creation. God is good because from the ghetto to South Africa was all I was thinking of

His experience shooting the video was different. He explained, saying the producers and directors there were more professional.

there is a big difference between Kenyan producers and those in South Africa. There they are fast and professional. I was working with Godfather. It was shot in one day because of professionals. i had to ask the school to give me an opportunity to shoot

Dantez was working on his new single, Mama and he says there is a deep meaning behind it

the song mama is about abortion.  I had a friend in class 7, my desk mate. she got a child in school so her parents told her she has to abort to live with them. sadly she then died. this then became something disturbing. a producer by the name Toti from mombasa helped me write his song. In the song, I am the aborted child and i am just addressing the issue

His life story blew away Adelle and Shaffie, who were so impressed by his story at just the age of 14. Adelle almost losing words just said, “it is so powerful writing this story at the age of 14 based on experience”.

A few problems Dantez has as a famous student in school is the fact that the teachers do not punish him for his wrongdoings. So his message to his teachers,

please beat me if I am wrong. I want to be treated like a student.

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The other one is that everyone now thinks he is rich so they are always asking him for money including teachers.

my fellow students will ask me for money. even teachers would ask for like millions and I am just begging them to stop asking me for money

His final statement to his fellow young talent is:

invite god everywhere. never give up and rexpect everyone

Watch his video below:

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