High street giant H&M has come under fire over a controversial advert for a children’s top which shoppers have labeled ‘racist’.

The Swedish fashion chain is selling a green hooded top on its UK and US websites emblazoned with the phrase ‘Coolest Monkey in the Jungle’.

The image, which has since been taken down from website in the wake of the uproar, shows a young boy modeling the hooded top.

It turns out that the mother Terry Mango might be Kenyan, if her social media information is to go by. The woman is said to be living in Sweden currently.

And she wasn’t tripping as she shared a controversial post on social media:

This comes after American singer The Weeknd parted ways with the company after people labeled it ‘racist’:

Rapper Sean Diddy, on the other hand, tweeted ”Coolest king in the world’ adding ‘Put some respect on it’

The retailer has since then apologized.

We’ve reached out to Terry via social media, she has not responded by the time this story was being published.

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