Kamene Goro on The Morning Kiss has confessed that she is very poor when it comes to texting.

So now that we have a lot of free time on our hands, she decided to got through her phone and reply to all the messages.

She was surprised to see she has over 100 conversations unread.

Of course, most are from groups that are very irrelevant.

“So I was going through these messages, I found over 10 messages from my ex. I have a very strict guideline when it comes to exes. He remains an ex. Now I understand that it is the time to care and check on people but your ex? That is weird. Dear exes, stop looking for us. All of them asking me ‘how is quarantine taking you my dear?’ Who is my dear please?” Kamene said

She went ahead to ask her listeners if any of them has experienced this an what is the craziest thing they have been up to during this quarantine season.

Kamene Goro gives you essential hacks on surviving the quarantine period

Funny thing is, all the callers admitted to have reached out to their exes in the past two weeks.

“Now that I have so much time on my hands, it is the best time to remind her of how much I used to love her. You never know…” First male caller said

Another female caller said she has no option.

“I miss my ex because I do not have time to meet new guys so you have them on your mind which opens up the door to just text. Loneliness is real Kamene” She said

Another lady caller said it is one of her sources of entertainment.

It is a form of entertainment because you read the lies and laugh about it. We need any form of entertainment at this point.

Kamene was in shock that this is actually a thing. The one advice she had for her fans is just that anything to do with exes is a definite recipe for disaster. She even used Nana Owiti’s story as an example.

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