It was all a stunt: Otile Brown praises Vera Sidika in his new Jam ‘Baby Love’

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown have been making headlines for a really long time and the latest news was that they are not together anymore.

Why we broke up! Otile Brown opens up on what caused acrimony in his relationship with Vera Sidika

It was speculated they split after they both deleted each other’s photos on social media and even unfollowing each other, something that many found strange having proven they are in the relationship till the end.

Well, the two really fooled the public about the break because the two are still deeply in love with each other and Otile has proven this by releasing a song ‘Baby Love’, which he praises Vera and tells her not to worry about what people are saying about their relationship.


Baby Love is a special dedication to Vera as My Woman,” he made it clear.

Vera on the other hand took to social media to shower her bae with praise for releasing a song dedicated to her.

She wrote, “When bae sings for you and it melts your heart (literally🤣)
I love you baby @otilebrown ❤ you’re the best and OMG your voice! I know I say this all the time but damn papi!!!!Just Can’t get enough 😍 …you’re one special, talented human ❤”

Read mixed reactions from his fans;

Saint: If you believed this two had really separated give me a like. Lazima tujue ni wangapi walibebwa ujinga

Revealed: Kwaivo tulichezwa😂😂

Bytes: Niko hapa kubebwa ujinga tu. BORA UHAI 😀😀😀

Charles: Mmmh,,mtaachana tu ata hatujaskia vibaya..lakini bora uhai

Learnie: Tulifkiria NEMA ilishakujia plastic bag..

Philip: Best couple. But hio kiki ya kuachana ilikuwa kali

Sheillah: Song iko fit wasee lakini mnatubeba ngomongo 😃😃😃.

Tony: Aki otile usimuache kaa tu na yy brother mnakaa poa pamoja

Cham: I knew the whole thing wasn’t true. I was actually heartbroken. Team Vee and Otee always💕💓❤💕

Salha: How i run after a notification from otile gosh his music 🎶 is always amazing …someone should pay me for this lol 😍😍people might say you will break up and everything But while it lasts even if its forever or not who cares Keep on winning …together how otile defends the girlfriend is crazy.
Here’s the video;

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