Like him or not, there are two things you must respect about DJ Mo. The first is his business acumen and the second is his sense of style. The Christian Dj who is married to gospel artiste Size 8 has been growing from strength to strength and even recently announced a new joint business venture with his wife:

‘Yes I have regrets’ DJ Mo opens up

But today we are gathered here to discuss his fashion sense. And I must say that I am an admirer of his way of dressing in the latest, most fashionable gear and not coming off gimmicky. He does it in a way that fits his image, frame and pocket. And his accessories game is also note worthy as he usually rocks dope watch pieces.

Check out some of the photos I have curated that best exemplify what I am talking about and perhaps you can also learn a thing or two about style from him:

DJ Mo’s shoe game is slick like Sadio Mane’s! but seriously though, his is a minimalist style. DJ Mo dresses for the occasion and when it is cold he rocks a simple sweater top as you can see below:

The best thing about sweater tops is that if you have a fit or muscular frame they really accentuate it and show it off.

Also, when he is in the gym, he is still a fashion killer. His activewear game is pretty slick.

And when itis hot, a simple tee and jeans combo is going to work if you pull it off as well as Dj Mo.

DJ Mo actually, however, has a sweet tooth for denim. Someone in the office mentioned that this is a quirk of being from the Mount Kenya community… Still, he pulls it off well.

Look at his simple casual wear below. What’s not to like?

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