Mother’s Day is around the corner. Sunday is a special day for all mothers worldwide. If you are like me you would want to celebrate it with style. So what will you wear on mother’s day? What hair styles and make-up will you put on?

Mother’s day Hair Styles and Make-Up

The main goal for mothers day is to have a chilled out look. It’s your day so don’t worry about much. If you are feeling like a bit more of a formal image then why not choose a perfectly groomed bun? Once again easy to do and creates a stunning look to any outfit. For a completely comfortable and carefree look leave hair brushed and free flowing.

The make up should be neutral colour don’t go ham on the red lipstick. Instead choose a gloss to pop out those cute lips.

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Stylish Mother’s Day Outfits 2016

Maxi dresses are a fantastic garment for Mother’s Day. There is never a problem finding one to suit your look and figure as they are found it all different styles, shapes, colours and prints. They are great for a casual yet fashionable look. Why not add some shape and depth to your outfit by wearing a long cardigan in a contrasting colour?

Maxi dresses are so comfortable and since you will not do a lot of walking. What better way than to sit down with a long maxi dress and look like the queen you are.

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Please if you have any more mother’s day looks feel free to tell us. Or better yet tag your stylish mum for us to borrow some tips.

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