R. Kelly has been making headlines for a pretty long time but recently, the conversation is based on a docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, which is based on women coming forward to narrate what they went through under R.Kelly.

The women explained that they went through a harsh time with the singer, with many stating that as young as the age of 14, the singer had s3xual intercourse with them and that he was also very abusive.

His ex wife, Andrea Lee is among the women who have narrated their horrifying ordeal.

The docuseries is very disturbing because these are women who were taken advantage of when they were very young, and some just wanted to be helped live their dreams.


The ladies also revealed that he forced them to call him daddy and not his real name. Before you do anything, you had to ask for permission from ‘daddy’ even if its going to the bathroom. In short, R. Kelly was very controlling.

During the morning conversation on Kiss FM, Adelle and Shaffie discussed the whole saga, with Shaffie wondering why this man has not been arrested after he was exposed.

Shaffie said, “This thing was beyond a cult. R. Kelly just has a twisted mind. The thing is until today, I still don’t understand how and why he has not been arrested. There’s no investigation going on. Even after people have watched the whole docuseries, are you telling me there’s no one in power who is thinking that this guy needs to answer to this or are they saying that yes black girls lives don’t matter?”

Adelle didn’t understand how this guy is still getting away with his actions even after women have come forward to talk about what he did to them.


“There are some predators out there who can make you lose your sense of self and take advantage of you. The scary thing is that R. Kelly is getting away with it, even after he has been exposed.”

What is your take on the whole saga revolving around R. Kelly and the women he abused?

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