The last time he was in studio was on March 8th, where he dropped his new jam exclusively on Kiss Fm as part of his media tour. And boy did he bring his swag with him.

Many times we have heard Kenyan rapper Octopizzo use the word swag repeatedly in his songs. He seems to use the words quite frequently, making us all wonder what it really means to him.

Well the controversial artiste was in the Kiss FM studios Wednesday where he was hosted by Breakfast With The Stars presenters Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru.

The artiste opened up about his impending nuptials to his mzungu fiancée, his work in the USA among other topics.

Bubbly Kiss FM presenter asked Octopizzo to reveal what ‘swag’ means to him, and what’s the one thing about him that has changed.


Over the years we have seen Octopizzo’s sense of style change from wearing extra baggy clothes to fitting clothes and more ”swag” has become his trend. However he has been accused by many of dressing in an ‘illuminati’ way of life..Huh you ask! ( I’m trying to figure that out too).


He’s often spotted wearing t-shirts and accessories that have the triangle sign. Though he denies any association with t, it’s alleged his dress code shows more than what we bargained for. He’s also been spotted doing hand signs like the one eye and the sign of the pyramid. He was the first client to wear a product from Co-Be which are the snoods.


He’s definition of swag is “kuoga”.  He also said “There is nothing more beautiful than just being clean it doesn’t matter what your wearing, if you’re not clean your not fit”.

His image doesn’t bother him but cares for the fact he is clean and the only thing that has changed about him is that he can change clothes as many times as he wants to. He also said that he was the freshest guy in his hood who bought water for 10kshs a jerrycan and showered twice a day.


Kiss FM fans were asked to send in their questions for Octo using the hashtag #OctoOnKiss. Here are some interesting ones;