The gospel industry has been marred by a lot of controversy in the recent years, from Willy Paul forcing girls to send him nude photos and videos, to Ringtone being accused of impregnating his girlfriend then abandoning her.

As much as we wish some of these stories are just about mudslinging an individual, the truth of the matter is that a lot of Kenyan celebrities are hiding behind the gospel industry, while living life that contradicts the Godly lifestyle they portray publicly.

Kufanana Nayo! Ringtone’s Ex-girlfriend Releases Proof That He Impregnated, Then Dumped And Neglected Her (AUDIO)

This time round, it involves a male gospel singer who was one of the biggest gospel crooners in Kenya a few years ago, but has been on a music hiatus focusing on radio hosting and leading church worship groups.

The said man goes by the name Duncan aka Dunco, who’s popularly known for featuring in Daddy Owen’s hit song dubbed Tobina, which earned them an award at the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA).

Some of his other hit songs include: Kubackslide, I Don’t Know, Fanana Naye and Hafungi Macho. Dunco currently works as a radio presenter at Kubamba Radio, he is also a creative director at a make-up company called, Pretty Faces and a member of a gospel group, Sherehe Ngoma Band.

Well, today on The Big Scoop, Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru were joined by Mpasho writer Uncle Chim Tuna who revealed the details of the scandal where Dunco has been accused of stealing his pastor’s wife and then eloping with her to another estate.


Dunco was engaged to his girlfriend, but sadly, things didn’t go as planned as the engagement was called off and with nowhere to go, the singer sought solace at his pastor’s house, where he lived for a while. Sadly, Dunco and the pastor’s wife started having an affair.

Pastor Alexander Nduati is the main pastor at PAC Buru Buru, who was married to Naserianne Sintako, the lady Dunco sinfully fell in love with under their matrimonial home.

Pastor Nduati and Naserianne Nduati
Pastor Nduati and Naserianne Nduati

When things got serious, the two decided to move from Buru Buru to Langata, where they joined Nairobi Chapel and are now part of the worship team, Sherehe Ngoma Band, and live with Sintako’s children, though it’s alleged that the girl is Dunco’s daughter.

They both worked at MoDe but lost their jobs, and Naserianne started a make-up enterprise, Pretty Faces, which Dunco is a Creative Director, as he moved on to work at Kubamba radio.

Well, the couple seems to be living their double lives happily, with their families and friends keeping all this hushed so as to avoid embarrassment. Mpasho reached out to Alex Nduati, who said he would want the issue to remain private, while Dunco ignored their call.

Dunco and Naserianne
Dunco (Far Righthand) Naserianne (Second From Left)

Now, listen to the audio below and get all the juicy details of what appears to be the hypocritical lives of gospel artsite, Dunco.