SIZZLING HOT! Sauti Sol Teaches You How To ‘Drunk Sext’ At 1AM In The Morning (VIDEO)

Kenya’s celebrated boy band Sauti Sol is making it even bigger in the music charts. The band is out with a new song dubbed Friendzone.

It is not only their vocals that has attracted fans about the single, it is the creative use of emoji’s to do the video.

Sauti Sol have exhibited first class creativity in their latest release.

Friendzone is an emoji video that is quit interesting to watch and for all emoji lovers, this is one way to simply send out your sexts….Team mafisi hoiyeee!

Sauti Sol Set To Conquer Africa With This News Move In Angola

Just like the name goes, the song describes a man who is head over heels in love with this lady called Ebony. And he is trying to get himself out of the ‘Friendzone’ but he doesn’t know how to go about it.

It is barely 24 hours after it was released and the song has received thousands of views and likes.

Here is the song:

‘Stop Calling My Wife With Stupid Questions,’ Angry Bien Shouts, Denies Break Up With Girlfriend

We know him as one man with great vocals…But there is a part we are missing!

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist Bien is an angry man. News of his breakup with hot lass Chiki has been going viral.

What catalyzed the rumours was the fact that the two have not been seen together displaying their usual PDA.

Furthermore, Bien graced Annabel Onyango’s baby shower alone. That was proof enough that the two are undergoing a rough patch.

As always, we called the Kuliko Jana hit maker for a comment who revealed that he and Chiki were together denying that the two were having problems.


We first called his girlfriend Chiki and on introducing ourselves, a livid Bien snatched the phone from her retorting to request for comment.


We now made another call to Bien himself who shot back angrily at the rumours of their breakup saying,


He went on to say,


From what he said, it seems the two have finally patched things together and are about to prove the Internet wrong. Did they sleep in the same house?


Expect to see Bien and his girlfriend Chiki together in public very soon.


Top 5 Male Celebrities Women Hate To Love But They Do It Anyway

I thought being solely focused on looks were vanity! EvidentlyI i must have thought wrong and yes, there are hot and sexy men in this nation who give city girls sleepless nights.

Most of these men have moved from controversy to controversy with their scandalous lives putting their names in not so enviable position. But the girls just don’t want to listen, they still go on to love these celebrities over their hunky looks.

Just for the record, there are so many to-die for male celebrities who have gone through horrific scandals but the following have topped the charts being the kings of lover boy’s controversies.



I must agree he is old (or older). His time to get married has since passed, but who are we to judge. The guy has had it rough, from trying to show his nakedness to the public to being rumoured of getting beaten by small girlfriend – I never thought she couldn’t hurt a fly! He has had a long chain of girlfriends from his ex wife to socialite Huddah Monroe and then came the jaw dropping news that he was dumped by socialite gilrfriend, Michelle Yola for cheating. And still; lasses want to get a slice of this Nairobi Dairies’ King of scandals?


Bien Aime Baraza-Sauti Sol

Many would say he rants like a baby. First of all, we know this singer has a dancer girlfriend but why complain over simple chocolates? Bien got angry last Valentine’s over chocolate he was gifted by a PR company.

‘Pris, My Tweet Is Not Worth Sh150 Chocolate Gift,’ Bien Blasts PR Guy

Did I mention how he called international artiste foreign bullsh*t?  He is also known for ranting on journalists and of course making his opinion known. But still city girls will do anything to get this man?


Willy Paul

After his Tiga Wana track exploded, Willy Paul’s conversation with a fan went viral with him hurling insults at a fan, with words strong enough not to be printed here. He did not stop there, Willy Pozze is known for exchanging women like underwear, even after he was accused of impregnating one, claims that he denied. And the girls still forgive him for being accused of trying to ask for nudes?

Mafisilets Mko Wapi! Here Are Top 7 Reasons Why Tiga Wana’s Willy Paul Is A Ladies man


King Kaka

He has the lines, and is one of the baddest rappers we have in the country. The rapper shocked many after he impregnated fellow singer Sage and his girlfriend almost at the same time. He must have been a genius and of course there is that person who was obviously cheated on. Well, these girls seem not to care about how many baby mama’s this Kichinjio hit maker has, some are willing to become a third baby mama.

Exposed!!! Top 5 Male Celebrities Who Never Seem To Stick To One Woman, Gospel Artistes Included

King Kaka2


Vituko galore! If you want to make headlines, call upon this gospel singer to make it easier for you. After having rent arrears at his Karen  house, Ringtone went ahead to accuse Willy Paul and Pitson of planning pregnancy accusations on him citing that they were jealous of his Tenda Wema Nenda Zako hit which was received well.

Gospel Singer Ringtone Finally Speaks Up After Being Kicked Out Of His House

“SO @willypaulmsafi and @therealpitson apparently am informed they conspired to create and publicise a pregnancy scandal for me to ruin my reputation and career. The truth is finally out the investigation company I hired has proven to me. SHAME ON @willypaulmsafi and SHAME ON @therealpitson you can’t pull me down. Imagine they did all those evil things to me because TENDA WEMA WAS HITTING. All the tears I cried and all the pain I went through. All the friends I lost and all the shame that I had to live in. I PROMISE YOU @willypaulmsafi and @therealpitson he who called will deal with you he sees each tear his beloved shade. I personally forgive all my enemies. To my fans please I personally want to thank you for the faith and prayers you gave during that time of trial. AM NOW FREE AND THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. 1) Rent issues 2)pregnancy issues etc. All are nothing but jealous.”

ringtone a

Hawa Wanaoana Aki!!! Check Out Top 5 Kenyan Celebrity Couples Who Just Might Wed This Year

I can smell wedding bells, and I’m not the only one. Everyone is talking about them! Forget the likes of Beyonce and Jay Z, these Kenyan celebrity couples are also choosing fellow celebrities to hook up with and we have had our ear on the ground.

There are some Kenyan celebrities who could be walking down the aisle this year and even though some have not yet confirmed, assumptions have it that this year is one that many celebrity couples will say “I do” to the love of their lives.

Let’s find out who just might be leaving the bachelorhood life 2017;

Bien And Chiki

It is evident that the fitness instructor, Chiki, attracted Sauti Sol’s Bien with her sexy and hot self, leaving mafisilets thirsting for the Kuliko Jana hit maker. Chiki first graced the screens in a local Tv reality show dubbed Slim Possible leaving many dazzled by her electric dance moves. Weeks later Chiki and Bien were seen getting all romantic and have since then admitted to their fans that they are an item.


Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli

The ever funny-man, Eric Omondi, just had to go for a touch of Italiano. Chantal and Eric have been rumoured to have been involved for some years now and the comedian seems to get more serious when it comes to matters of the heart. But wait a minute! Will this Italiano girlfriend handle this Kisumu boy? They say love knows no boundaries…excuse the cliche. Let’s wait for that wedding invite.

Forget About Telenovela’s William Levy!!! Here Are Top 5 Sexiest Male Actors In Kenya

Eric Omondi and Chanty

Chipukeezy And Vivian

Is this Kimondio?? The stand-up comedian did not seem serious when he popped the question to girlfriend Vivian Kerry but she nevertheless said yes. He always gets the sexy ones, lucky guy. But Chipu has been keeping us waiting for the longest time. Make this thing official already!

chipukeezy girl

Bahati And Diana Marua

Huyu mtoto ameangukia! He has always been looking for ‘Mama Morgan’ (his adopted son) and fans have speculated that the Maria hit maker has finally found her. He has been searching high and low for a beautiful lass and it seems like his Mapenzi wedding song might just to come true sometime this year although he refuses to acknowledge the relationship with the video vixen. We are just waiting for him to pop the question to his bae.


Timmy Tdat and Dela

You just might hear that Timmy had a private wedding seeing as to how he tends to keep his personal life private. Guess he learnt his lesson that after his relationship with rapper Kush Tracey back fired. Timmy and Dela have been suspected of being in a private romance and are worthy of a mention on our top 5 list. Congratulations in advance!



Kenyan Artistes Including Nyashinski, Nameless and Big Pin Get Down At Bien’s Birthday Bash[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

What a way to start of the year! One quarter of Sauti Sol, Kenya’s most iconic boy band, Bien- Aimé Baraza, hosted guests, media and entertainers at his birthday party, held at Osoita Lodge, Rongai.

Dubbed, ‘Straight Outta Rongai’, the daytime event saw people networking as well as getting the opportunity mingle with artistes.

On stage to honour the singer were musicians including  Nyashinski, Nameless & Big Pin and Talia Oyando among others.

EXCLUSIVE! Bien Of Sauti Sol Hits The Dance Floor With His Mom At His Swanky Birthday Party [VIDEO]

The crowd was on their feet for much of the party, jamming to popular songs and Bien was not to be left behind, also dancing around and was clearly hyped up.

In attendance was also former Kiss Presenter, Kalekye Mumo, who had a lively dance onstage with Big Pin.

Check Out The Video Below;

Waliovuma! Meet The Men Who Discovered Top Boy Band Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol is undoubtedly one of the biggest boy bands in African and every year they take Afro-pop music to another level.

The celebrated group is made up of 4 super talented members; Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis Chimano and Savara Mudigi, and their incredible guitarist Polycarp Otieno.

Back in 2015, the Sura Yako hitmakers made Kenya proud when they won at the African Musik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) after bagging The Best African Group award in Dallas, Texas.

Other than that they managed to win the coveted Best Group award at the MTV Africa Music Awards, MAMAs 2016 at a colorful ceremony in Johannesburg, South Africa, as they also gave a spectacular performance at the popular awards show.


The boy band always stands out when it comes to releasing and dropping new songs, and if you are a fan of Sauti Sol, you know the joy and excitement you get when you hear their songs like; Kuliko Jana, Nerea, Nishike, Still The One, Isabella and more.

Sauti Sol Are The Only Kenyan Artistes On Top Searched YouTube Videos Of 2016

But now that Sauti Sol has attained musical success and put Kenyan music on the world map, who really discovered these talented young men? As it turns out, it was one of the biggest veteran Kenyan groups of all time, Them Mushrooms/Uyoga.


The old boy band is known for its Benga and Chakacha music, which is still very popular. Some of their tracks include; Jambo Bwana, Si Nguo, Unkula Huu, Zilizopendwa. The group was composed of Teddy Kalanda, Henry Ndenge Saha, Ben Mutwiwa, Billy Sarro, George Zirro, John Katana, Pius Plato Chitianda and Pritt Nyale.

He’s Always Been a Hunk! Bien Of Sauti Sol Is a Spitting Image Of His Younger Self (Photo)

Band member Bien who recently celebrated his birthday took time to appreciate and thank the former boy band. He particularly thanked one John Katana for discovering them and believing in their talent.

Check out the heart-warming message he sent them;

THEM MUSHROOMS/UYOGA . These are the men who made it possible for this generation To enjoy the freedoms of music. @sautisol was discovered by John Katana. He is the cool cat with shades on his shirt. I cannot thank him enough for always being my mentor and music father. They are immortal for their music. But also please remember them for giving you Sautisol. Without them there probably would be no us. Much love. Happy new year folks #MAKEKENYANMUSICGREATAGAIN

them mushrooms


ALSO; EXCLUSIVE! Bien Of Sauti Sol Hits The Dance Floor With His Mom At His Swanky Birthday Party [VIDEO]





EXCLUSIVE! Bien Of Sauti Sol Hits The Dance Floor With His Mom At His Swanky Birthday Party [VIDEO]

This past Sunday saw fans, media and lovers of Sauti Sol attend Bien’s 29th birthday party at Osoita Lodge, Rongai. The elegant venue was the perfect place for revelers to enjoy a chilled out environment, with entertainment for the likes of Nameless, Nyashinski, Big Pin, 125, Habib and Talia.

Bien was clearly excited and took the opportunity to have a dance with his mother, Grace Baraza, as seen on the video below.

ALSO; We Need To Talk About Ciku Muiruiri’s Daughter Erica’s Gorgeous Hair

The exclusive, invite-only party is one that will go down in the books as one of the most hyped up events. Quite the way to start off the new year.

Man Under Construction! Sauti Sol’s Bien Leaves Over 76 Thousand Fans Stranded

What is going on? This is just what Sauti Sol’s fans have been asking themselves since a member of the band Bienaime Alusa Baraza well known as Bien deleted all his posts and left one TBT photo for his faithful Instagramers. Bien who has revealed that he is a man under construction seems to be confusing his fans over what others have termed as his new year’s resolution.

Bien who has revealed that he is a ‘man under construction’ seems to be confusing his fans over what others have termed as his new year’s resolution.


Bien who has left fans guessing as to why the Haiwi Haiwi hit maker left Instagram.  Might be making a big social media comeback soon? This comes just before his birthday party dubbed Straight Outta Rongai that is to be held this Sunday in an undisclosed location. (Watch This Space!)

The Kuliko Jana song master might be giving big announcements on that day. Well many would ask, is he preparing to get married to his celebrity girlfriend Chiki? Or is he leaving the Sauti Sol band? Or maybe he wants to make a publicity stunt…? I’ll let you be the judge on that.



Just last year, Bien got into trouble when he replied to singer Bahati’s post about the band being nominated for Groove awards. Bien however said the group would accept a Groove award if they were nominated.

READ; Sauti Sol Links Up With Amazing Globetrotting Teenager To Promote Education Projects

Sauti Sol is one of the best groups in Africa and is evidently going Global. Lets wait and see what they have to offer in 2017. In the meanwhile join me in wishing Bien a happy birthday.





Nikipewa Siwezikataa!!! Sauti Sol’s Bien Responds To Bahati’s Comment Over Groove Awards

Si ni kubaya huku! After deleting his pictures on instagram, Bahati is back with a bang and his first post is taking the internet by storm! Mtoto Wa Mama went on social media accusing gospel artists of not representing Christ in their music, suggesting that secular artistes who are singing gospel music should instead be nominated for this year’s Groove awards. Among the artists he mentioned were Collo, Nyashinski who has done the song Mungu Pekee and Sauti Sol who are the hit makers of Kuliko Jana.


Well, Sauti Sol’s Bien has not taken this lightly as he went ahead to reply to Bahati’s message. In an Exclusive interview with Kiss, Bien has made it clear that Sauti Sol wouldn’t mind accepting a Groove award if they were to be nominated. Bien also pointed out that there are other gospel acts who are doing good in the industry notably among them Daddy Owen, L Jay Masai and Pitson.


Well, it seems as if Bahati could be doing a publicity stunt as there are rumors that he is about to do a collabo with Nigeria’s Chosen Generation hitmaker, Sinach. 9 months ago, Bahati also attempted to create controversy, where he accused Willy Paul and L J Masai of plotting to finish him in another publicity stunt which saw him release the popular Itakua Sawa song.

Here is what Sauti Sol’s Bien wrote after Bahati’s rant;

Bahati go and write songs or rather get good songwriters to work with. DO NOT do music targeting awards. Awards are a by-product of quality. Use this energy to better your musicianship. Also who told you to speak on behalf of Gospel musicians! There are plenty of Gospel artists who are doing God’s work with anointing as they should. So stop roping an entire industry into your publicity stunts. It just makes Kenyan musicians in general look bad. Sautisol didn’t sing Kuliko Jana targeting any award. Music from the heart goes to the heart. As musicians our legacy is cast on song not hype. I mean this with love and respect.

This Is How Sauti Sol’s Bien Got To Hook Up With His Hot ‘Nigerian’ Girlfriend

Sauti Sol’s Bien and his girlfriend Chiki Onwukwe are arguably one of the hottest celebrity couples at the moment. Kenyans cannot get enough of the amazing chemistry between them.

From their lovely selfies together to their crazy dancing videos – the two are the epitome of some of the relationship goals people should have.

But do you know how they met? Well, their story is not the usual boring one; girl meets boy, they immediately fall in love then they live happily ever after. It is actually the opposite.

While speaking to pulse, Chichi opened up about their relationship, saying she met Bien through a friend, fashion designer Emmanuel Jambo. She however says the chemistry between them happened much later, after they got to know each other.

Cute photo of Bien and Chiki

Seeing that Bien is a favorite among ladies, it would be normal for any girlfriend to get jealous when she sees a lady throwing herself at the lad. But Chichi is different. She understands his job and trusts him.

“I loved him for who he is, not because he is a celebrity and he knows that. I do not really get worried thinking about the girls who throw themselves at him. Besides, before I started dating him, I knew his showbiz lifestyle and I did not come to change him. I trust him,” she says, adding that she does not worry about him doing something he should not do when he is away.

Besides this, the singer also revealed that the two dated for a year before they announced their relationship status to the public.

“We dated for a whole year before we decided to go public about our love affair. The only reason we decided to go public was for people to see that what we have is real. We did not want to go into stories of cheating, neither did we want to let people start suggesting that either of us had gotten a “sponsor”,” she explains.


Source: Pulse Magazine 

Sauti Sol “Bien’ misses out on Channel O Awards because of ‘passport issues’

 Bien-Aime Barasa missed out on the channel O music video awards awards that were held in South Africa while his other bandmates  Chimano, Delvin and Polycarp attended the event.

The singer allegedly missed out on the event because of ‘passport issues’

According to ‘The star- Word is’ the band manager said “Bien-Aime wasn’t able to go to the event not for anything bad, it is because at the time the band needed to submit their passports for visa processing, Bien’s passport was already full. The have been travelling a lot, of late so by the time they got back from France there wasn’t enough time to replace his full passport.”

The three band mates from Sauti Sol were the only representatives from Kenya as Elani – who were also nominated for the prestigious event – held their first major concert on the same night of the event.

Sauti Sol lost their award to Tanzania’s Diamond as most of the awards went to South Africa and West Africa.

Source: The Star

Sauti Sol’s Bien Is Super Famous

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime had a special moment of vanity during the band’s recent tour of Paris, when he took a photo of a French building engraved with his name, BIEN-AIMEE. He went on to caption the photo ‘Jina kubwa’ and then posted it on social media.


Bien-aimée is French for ‘beloved’, and clearly, we all love this lead singer Bien, especially the ladies. The band group had travelled to Paris for a mega show but are now back to Kenya today.

Welcome back Sauti Sol! Check out some of their photos back in Paris.






Courtesy: Instagram