KUZAA SIO UZEE! Check Out 10 Of Kenya’s Sexiest & SINGLE Celebrity Mothers

In the Kenyan entertainment and media industry, we have celebrities of all caliber, from single to married, to the talkative ones and even others who like keeping their private lives under wraps. Many times, we are quite interested in the ones who are single, especially single celebrity mothers.

When it comes to female celebrities, there are those who are happily married with or without kids and those who are single and don’t show a sign of settling down anytime soon. There are some who were married and are now separated from their husbands, and then we have the single mothers.

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So, how about we focus on some of the most beautiful single celebrity mothers in Kenya, as we also celebrate them for the work well done.

Being a single mother is not a walk in the park, whether the father of your kid/s is still around and you’re co-parenting, or whether he disappeared the day he heard that you’re pregnant.

As we list some of the most elegant single celebrity mothers in Kenya, we also applaud them for their good work, and the sleepless nights while bringing up their children.

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Here is a list of the sexiest and most gorgeous single mothers in Kenya, who have managed to stay gracious even after giving birth.

1. Grace Msalame
This stunning media personality is a mother of two adorable twins who are now 5 years old. Grace Msalame is a proud single mom, who co-parents with her baby daddy, Paul Ndichu. Her ex is twin brother to Janet Mbugua’s husband.


2. Pierra Makena
She is Kenya’s top deejay who has worked her way through the entertainment industry over the years. The bootylicious entertainer is a first-time mother after giving birth back in July 2016, to a cute little girl, though she’s yet to show off her face. Pierra revealed in an interview last year that she is happy to raise her daughter alone since things she found out that she was pregnant after breaking up with the father of the kid.


3. Lilian Muli
The top news anchor is no doubt elegant even after giving birth to her only child back in 2010. The sassy media personality was once married to Moses Kanene but she divorced him after claims of cheating and physical abuse. She has since moved and looks more stunning than ever.

Hata Skirts Hakuwa Anavaa! Did You Know That Lilian Muli Was Actually a Tomboy Before She Became a TV Siren?


4. Victoria Rubadiri
She is not only beautiful but also very friendly and down to earth, and to add icing to the cake, she’s a mother to a pretty daughter. The NTV news anchor has managed to keep her private life off the public eye over the years, but what we are sure of, she is still a very gorgeous mother.


5. Silvia Njoki
She’s one of Kenya’s top fashionistas and bloggers and she has made a name for herself in the fashion world. The ravishing queen of style is a mother to a cute, little girl, Lily, who occasionally features in her mother’s videos and photo sessions. Silvia Nkoji has maintained her sexy figure over the years and is aging like fine wine.


6. Sage
She’s one of the most talented singers in Kenya, and has a child with celebrated rapper King Kaka. Sadly, things didn’t work out since the guy apparently wanted to be with another woman. The mellow-voiced artiste has managed to keep her sexy on even after giving birth and hasn’t let being a single mom affect how she looks.


7. Kanze Dena
The Citizen TV news anchor is a beautiful soul who keeps her private life off the public radar, and has a way of appeasing viewers on TV. Kanze Dena revealed a few years back that she’s a proud single mother to a cute 10-year-old boy, though no one would have guessed. The TV presenter knows how to dress her body, using minimal makeup and keeping it natural.

Beauty And Brains! News Anchor Kanze Dena Gives Women Tips On How To Love Their Men


8. Brenda Wairimu
Her relationship with Kenyan rapper Juliani has been a bit complicated and the two are no longer seen together, neither do they post anything about each other on social media. The two are blessed with a cute little girl and Brenda has embraced motherhood since she gave birth. The model cum actress still looks like an 18 year and oozes charm all the time.


9. Terryanne Chebet
The former Citizen TV business news anchor is a doting mother to an adorable daughter who has taken after her looks. Chebet, however, kept the child off the limelight for the better part of her early life, deciding to keep things private. Terryanne co-parents with the father of the child, who is said to be a prominent Kenyan director and producer.


10. Caroline Mutoko
The former radio queen and public figure is a mother to daughter Theodora Nduku, whom she adopted back in 2011 when she was only 8 months old. The renowned media personality has an uncanny resemblance to the adorable little girl, who she calls the love of her life. Caroline Mutoko is not married and has never introduced her fans to any man in her life.


MIMI NAMFEEL, Brown Mauzo Reveals Feelings For Sanaipei Tande & Hopes Of Being On Nairobi Diaries (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Now that Nairobi Diaries has gone wild and almost everyone is talking about it, there seem to be those celebrities wanting to get into the high drama reality show, including Brown Mauzo.

Nairobi Diaries About To Get Even More Explosive As They Add Super Rich Bi-Sexual Cast Member

In an exclusive interview with Kiss Fm, the Apotee hitmaker revealed that if given the chance, he would definitely take part the drama series, and yes this man has a lot of drama. Just recently, news came in that he and Benefactor hitmaker Akothee were an item, news that he vehemently denied even after he confessed that she has bought a posh car for him.

REVEALED! The Story Akothee Failed To Silence; Her Boytoy Finally Tells Us Everything About Their Relationship

brown mauzoo


Back to the topic at hand, what are his feelings about Sanaipei Tande? Brown Mauzo revealed that he has just normal feelings for any attractive and beautiful lady like Sana. In an interview with a local radio station, the presenter had to switch off Brown Mauzo’s mic after he tried to flirt with her on air. Well, he did not deny it after he confessed that he has a soft spot for the Najuta hit maker.


I Want To Smash Huddah Monroe!!! Brown Mauzo Salivates Over Yellow Yellow Socialite (VIDEO)

Brown is well known for his hit song Nitulize featuring Tanzania’s bongo star, Ali Kiba, which was received well and has since then hit in East Africa. Brown recently revealed that he had unending love for socialite Huddah and would do anything to get her.

Check out the exclusive interview;




Anatosa Ama??? Did Rapper Timmy Tdat Send Valentine’s Message To Dela?

They say just like Kikohozi, love can never be hidden and this is true for rapper Timmy Tdat and singer Dela who are rumoured to be an item, although neither has set the record straight.

We all can see the apparent romance between these two and their interactions in public can not be hidden. Well, the rapper who hit headlines with his nasty public breakup with fellow rapper Kush Tracey seems to have moved on.

Exposed!!! Timmy Tdat And Mafeelings Singer Dela Spotted Kissing In Public (VIDEO)


Just recently, the rapper went ahead to shut down claims that he and singer Vivian were an item after rumour went on that the two seemed to be seeing each other. Timmy Tdat has apparently moved on and has also said he is not seeing Vivian. It, however, looks like he may have a soft spot for Dela. Hii ni tricky!

“He Is Not My Type” Vivian Finally Responds To Rumours That She’s Dating Timmy Tdat (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)


Late last year, photos of them went viral with them holding hands, getting closer to each other prompting rumours that the two are an item. During Valentine’s, Timmy Tdat sent a Val’s message to an unknown lady whom we speculate could be the Mafeelings hit maker….


He wrote;

“Happy valentines dear.we met for a reason and I treasure each moment we spend together. You are very much loved and appreciated.you mean a lot to me and I thank God that I met you.. “Mbona unafanyanga nasikwa na mafeeling?” #trickydeh “


Nani Anatosa??? Here Are 5 Reasons Why Timmy Tdat’s Dela And Kush Tracey Are Like Kerosene And Water

REVEALED! The Story Akothee Failed To Silence; Her Boytoy Finally Tells Us Everything About Their Relationship

The first time I got wind of this story, I can recall just how excited I was. I knew it would be big but I did not have the slightest inkling of what lay in wait for me. I excitedly got as many details as I could (though they were admittedly scanty) and reached out to Akothee to hear her side of things.

Five photos that prove that Akothee is insanely rich


Rather than giving me her take, she had her security staff attempt to intimidate me. And you can read more about all that here:

Akothee: Anatumia Pesa Za Sponsor Kwa Boytoy?! Come And See The Photo She Doesn’t Want Us To Publish!

But after I published that, we reached out to the one-time toyboy and found out that he is actually a huge artist down at the Coast who has even managed to score a collabo with Ali Kiba. He was receptive to our invites and agreed to an interview where he let us know what was happening with his love life, music and everything in between.

Check it out below;

Wueh!!! This Is What Brown Mauzo Did To 12 Ladies In One Night (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

PESA NI MZURI! Chris Kirubi Shows Off SLEEK Mercedes Maybach At Red Carpet Event (PHOTOS)

Two Rivers Mall, a grand shopping complex located along Limuru Road, finally opened its doors to the public of Tuesday, February 14th.

The shopping mall that is touted as the largest of its kind in East and Central Africa was built at a cost of Sh10 billion ($10 million) by Centum Investments which also has a 58% shareholding in the complex.

It sits on 11 acres with about 67,000 square metres of rentable space, which is enough to house 150 retail stores.

Kumbe Alikuwa Mlafi? Risper Faith Reveals She Was Attracted To Her Fiance For The Money

After what seemed like a very long wait, the mall was finally opened on Valentine’s Day in a lavish ceremony that saw the attendance of the who’s who in the society.

Among them was business mogul Chris Kirubi who owns 29.9% of Centum Investments – this simply means that he is also one of the key shareholders of the mall.

Kirubi, who dabbles as a disc jockey at Capital FM, parked his Mercedes Maybach at the entrance of the mall, bringing the business of the day to a standstill.

Living In The Fast Lane; Diamond Platnumz Shows Off Sexy New Ride

Here are the photos:






Living In The Fast Lane; Diamond Platnumz Shows Off Sexy New Ride

Diamond Platnumz is a man on a mission -and his mission seems to be to let the rest of us plebs in on the secret. What secret pray tell?! Well that our lives suck.

All Things Bongo! Diamond Platnumz Lands At #1 On iTunes In Kenya

Diamond, one of East Africa’s biggest and most successful stars is out here looking like a million bucks after he launched a BMW i8 similar to the one Kev Mullei of Mo Sound drives. The car is estimated to cost around a hefty 13M Kenya shillings. Hizo pesa zili toka wapi???!!!!


BMW i8

His, however, is blue -to match his shoes –  and he seems not to have been scathed at all by the recent drug busts in Tanzania that targeted top artists whom the government wanted to snitch on their dealers. The reason why I bring this up is because his own brother was among those arrested.

Diamond Platnumz’s Manager Responds To Rumours Linking The Artiste To Drug Trafficking (AUDIO)

Check out the big bad sexy machine he has launched:

diamond platnumz i8

Kwani Amesota??? Willy Paul Gives Excuses To His Bae On Valentine’s (VIDEO)

Tiga Wana weeeh! Willy Pozze is back again and as expected, he’s in the middle of some form of scandal. The ever controversial artist has decided to try being a comedian and guess what? He had excuses galore for his bae on this Valentine’s day.

After a long silence, Willy Paul has decided to break the silence and in the best way ever. Pozze went off our radar after he was showered with after the hit of his controversial song Tiga Wana. The song has since then broken the Internet with over 1 million views on Youtube.

Willy Paul


Well, the singer seems to be immune to the Valentine fever. The Fanya hitmaker made a hilarious video about men who come up with all manner of excuses on Valentine’s day. Was he one of them?  The controversial artist spoke of how men pretend to be sick on the eve of Valentine’s, even claiming that their ATM cards get broken all of a sudden.  Kwani mfuko imetoboka?

Mafisilets Mko Wapi! Here Are Top 7 Reasons Why Tiga Wana’s Willy Paul Is A Ladies man


But hey Pozze, I thought doctors were on strike, right? Anyway, just when you thought he might be romantic, Willy Paul seemed to have no plans for Val’s, so you might be asking if he has a bae… To confirm it, Pozze does have a bae but he cancelled his wedding weeks to the big day and has since then moved on with rumours that he has found another lass.

Wana Ni Wewe! Willy Paul Bashes His Haters, Talks About His Failed Attempt To Get Married (Video)

Here are Willy Pauls excuses;

Watch valentine excuse!! #fever

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Eunice Njeri Talks About Her Valentine’s Day Plans (AUDIO)

Eunice Njeri is one of the most popular praise and worship gospel artists in the land. Don’t take my word for it, just check out how many views her songs get on Youtube and the number of times her songs are requested on gospel shows.

Word went round recently that she had opted to call it quits on her marriage and hadn’t even bothered to sign her marriage certificate. The news came as a shock barely two months after photos of their wedding started circulating on social media since their wedding took place in Texas.

She didn’t just divorce Izzo Raps, she annulled their marriage -she literally refreshed everything like it had never happened!


Pastor Who Officiated Eunice Njeri’s Wedding Finally Opens Up

Understandingly, she has been dodging the media ever since she broke news of the annulment on her social media profiles. She was a smart enough to control the narrative then refused to say more than she was willing to.

Emmy Kosgei Makes Heartfelt Admission About Her Marriage To Apostle Anselm

Our questions were thus left hanging…

Her silence has been pervasive until today. I called her up and asked after her plans for Valentine’s and when she heard it was Uncle Chim Tuna calling, she acquiesced and gave a short statement:

EXCLUSIVE! Popular Kenyan Celebrities Reveal Their Plans For Valentine’s Day, Prezzo Amenunulia Yola Gari (PHOTOS)

Today is the 14th of February, a day when most couples go out of their way to impress one another. On this day, lovers splash money to the extent that it looks like a competition or an attempt to outdo one another in a show of financial might.

We decided to call up your favourite celebrities to find out their plans for this day and what they have in store for their significant others this Valentine’s day.

While some divulged that they will be going on vacations abroad and taking their partners with them, others said it’s just a day like any other and that they had nothing planned.


The sultry songstress told us that she had nothing special planned. “I don’t have any plans, kwani si its just a normal Tuesday,” she remarked.


Elizabeth Irungu

Liz told us that she is out of town having a good time with her fiancé. “I am already on my Valentine’s. I went first to Zanzibar, last week around Friday I went to Nyali then I went to Malindi. I plan to go to Diani tomorrow with my guy,” she said.



Nairobi Diaries actress Stacy Brown revealed that she has so many plans for today.  Among them is dinner and a good time with bae. “I have dinner planned for later with bae,” she posed.



The self-proclaimed king of bling said he is planning to make up with his girlfriend Michelle Yola today adding that he has bought her a car. “Of course I have plans with Michelle she’s my wife, I am going to buy her a car with customized number plates today, I want it to be a surprise. The Chrysler cost Sh3.2 million,” he said.


The comedian told us that he has no plans for today. Actually, he wasn’t even aware that it’s Valentine’s Day. “Today is Valentine’s? You just reminded me. Mimi niko kazi bana, let lovers do what they do,” he quipped.

Noti Flow

The Nairobi Diaries actress told us that she has planned something for her significant other. “I’m shooting a video today, I’ll take my girlfriend out after the shoot,” she said.


Khaligraph Jones

He told us that his girlfriend Cashy is working today. As such, he has to wait for her to leave work. “I’m definitely getting Cashy something, if I tell you she’ll see it on blogs then it will no longer be a surprise,” Khaligraph

Mudigi Savara

The Sauti Sol member told us that he is single. However, if he happened to have a bae, he would just make dinner for her. “I’d do personal stuff. Valentine’s iko na a lot of hype, so if I had a girlfriend, we would just have a candle-lit dinner,” he said.


Emmy Kosgei Makes Heartfelt Admission About Her Marriage To Apostle Anselm

It is Valentine’s day and people are showing the colour of their heart. And it bleeds love -nothing but love. However, Emmy Kosgei has made an interesting revelation about her relationship with Apostle Anselm Madubuko.

Emmy Kosgei doesn’t shy away from showing off her love for the man of God who is almost twice her age.

Fans have been waiting for the award-winning megastar known for hits like Taai and Taunet Nelel to announce the eventual addition to the family.

Hii Ndio Kuokoka Sasa! Top 10 Kenyan Gospel Artistes Who Have Managed To Stay Away From Scandals

Emmy Kosgei’s Valentine’s message dripped of nothing but love.

“I love this man.. he is the best thing that happened to me! I’m blessed with a loving and prayerful man, I’m blessed that I didn’t miss my divine moment.. Anselm Madubuko you mean the world to me! I’m wiser, deeper in things of God, you’ve made me a better person! You’ve shown me love and care.. I feel so special????????????????????… Nkem!” she wrote.

She also revealed that marriages are hard work, especially after Eunice Njeri’s lasted 24-hours.


Pesa Hufuata Pesa Kweli! Diamond & Zari Set To Throw A Multi-Million Party As They Unveil Son’s Face

Mtoto pesa! Diamond Platnumz and his beautiful wife are apparently gearing up to unveil their newly born son’s face in style. Yes, it’s now a thing…

The couple has been said to be planning an expensive bash for the event as corporates clamour to be involved in the gig.

Ushawahi Ona Mshamba Mdosi? Diamond Platnumz Goes On INSANE Rant As He Insults His Haters In A Hilarious Tweng (VIDEO)

The couple plans to throw their son Nillan a big party before making his face public. Word has it that prestigious companies are fighting to use Nillan’s face as the brand of their products.

Zari who is now a mother of five gave birth at the Netcare Hospital in South Africa making Diamond a father of two after a first born daughter, Princess Tiffah Dangote.

The musician himself is not about to slow down, having just released a collabo with US star, Ne-Yo in a new track named ‘Marry You’. 

MOTO KAMA JIKO YA MAKAA!!! Ne-Yo And Diamond Collabo Finally Out (VIDEO)

This could potentially see the young boy become a millionaire while he is still a child.


HAWEZI ATA! Nyota Ndogo Reveals That She Cannot Perform In Somalia

Coast-based musician Nyota Ndogo wants promoters to know that she can’t perform in Somalia.

This is after a promoter called her asking her to quote for a show in the country.

“I didn’t even think twice and rejected the offer. No amount of money can compensate for my children to live without a mother,”Nyota told Heads Up.

This request came just a week after another man called the singer and paid her Sh20,000 to serenade his girlfriend (on her birthday) over the phone.

READ; Like A Boss: Nyota Gets Paid a Huge Sum Just To Sing To Someone



“I will be honest. I have never been paid to sing over the phone. It was a surprising request. At first, I thought the M-Pesa message was wrongly sent to my phone. As I was jotting down his number to call him back, he called and made the request,” Nyota revealed.

Since her wedding last year, Nyota has become very active on social media.

Utacheka Uanguke! Hilarious Video Of Nyota Ndogo’s Mzungu Husband Singing Her A Happy Birthday Song

She has also been updating her fans on the progress of her yet to be completed house and her husband who lives and works in Denmark.

Source: sde.co.ke

Justin Bieber, Kanye West & Drake Are Skipping the 2017 Grammy Awards; Here’s Why

The Grammy Awards are down three stars!

Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Drake are skipping the 2017 Grammys which are set for next month despite each being nominated in major categories, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly.

TMZ was first to report that the ultra-popular performers aren’t planning to attend music’s biggest night on February 12.

The “Sorry” singer, 22, is ditching the 59th annual Grammys because he “doesn’t think the Grammys are relevant or representative, especially when it comes to young singers,” according to TMZ.

Justin Bieber “Can’t Listen” To Ex Selena Gomez’s New Man, The Weeknd’s Music


Bieber won his first Grammy last year — Best Dance Recording for “Where Are Ü Now” — and also performed two tracks at the ceremony. This year, the pop star is up for four Grammys, including Album of the Year for Purpose and Song of the Year for “Love Yourself.”

Famous” rapper West, 39, who debuted The Life of Pablo in 2016 and received eight nods, previously vowed to boycott the Grammy Awards if Frank Ocean’s album Blonde wasn’t nominated.

Neither Blonde nor Ocean’s visual album Endless were submitted for consideration by the singer’s labels, management or representatives before the September deadline (TMZ reports that Ocean thinks the Grammys don’t “represent young, black artists”), so it’s possible West will make good on his promise.

Justin Bieber

A source also said that West wants time to himself after a few hectic months with his hospitalization and his wife Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery. “He is taking some personal time at the top of this year to just chill and decompress,” the insider said.

As for Drake, 30, it seems he will be on tour in Europe on Grammys night. The “One Dance” rapper, who received eight nominations, including several for his album Views, which featured smash hit “Hotline Bling,” has a show scheduled in Manchester, England, on February 12.

Fresh Beef! Nicki Minaj’s Ex Boyfriend Meek Mill Says He Would Fight Drake For $5 Million (Video)

Despite the three high-profile no shows, the Grammys will still feature a star-studded lineup. Adele, Bruno Mars, John Legend, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Metallica are all slated to perform, while James Corden will emcee the evening.

The Grammy Awards air on CBS Sunday, February, 12 at 8 p.m. ET.


Eunice Njeri Announces Separation From ‘Husband’ Just Few Months After Tying The Knot

Gospel singer, Eunice Njeri, is from today a single woman. Yup, it’s official.  She has announced that she and Isaac (Izzo) are no longer together.


It has only been two months since they got married, but something doesn’t quite add up… She claims that she walked down the aisle to get married but no papers were signed. So, did they even get married in the first place?

Pole To All The Men Out There – Beautiful Gospel Singer Gets Engaged

She took to social media to share the news with her fans who were shocked, to say the least. Some were confused while others sent her words of encouragement.

eunice njeri

She wrote, “On the 27th Nov 2016, Isaac and I did go to the altar to get married, but at the end of that day I realised one thing, I couldn’t do it my heart was somewhere else. Probably in Africa doing what I do best, am still trying to figure that out. I immediately left for Kenya and have been serving God the best way I know how. To all who supported Isaac and I am greatful may God bless you immensely. To all who were hurt in the process I apologise. The marriage was annulled (like it never happenned). No papers were signed. Afterwards and we both made a decision to go our separate ways. I hope for your support and help as we move on. Like every other relationship we hit a rock, maybe a little too early but have since overcome. Consequently, we have decided to go our separate ways and hope for the very best. God bless you.” (sic)

What’s happened to ‘for better or for worse…’?

Mafisi Kujeni Muone Hii!!! Take A Look At Machachari Actresses’s Juicy Thighs (PHOTOS)

Isabella wa telenovela kando! This Kenyan lady one is just the perfect definition of sexy, or maybe the word sexy is an understatement.

We all know her as Mama Govi or Mama Baha from the popular local TV show Machachari. There is, however,much more to her than meets the eye.

mama baha 2

Mama Baha and Wanjiku Mburu (real name) are two different personalities with Mama Baha being a wife and mother of 3 and Wanjiku Mburu being a trendy single lady. We have in many cases seen her as a dusty and broke woman with the oversized dresses she rocks on TV but there is much more that she has to offer.

mama govi 3

Wanjiku Mburu has tried to keep her personal life private but there those things that just make their way into the public eye. The short dresses and shorts she rocks on social media have attracted many, not to mention the comments she gets from her male fans.


According to a local news website, Wanjiku says her acting career saw signs of potential at the age of 7. This passion saw her drop her cabin crew career in college to act at The Kenya National Theatre. Mama Baha added that one of her dreams while growing up was to be a model which is evidently seen in her sexy photos.

Mama Baha seems not to care about the comments from thirsty members of team Mafisi over her numerous photos. Mama Baha please have mercy on them at least…

Here are more photos of the voluptuous Mama Baha;



Singer And Songwriter Emeli Sandé Visits Uganda For Charity Campaign

Scottish recording artist and songwriter, Emeli Sandé was recently in Uganda. The Next To Me star, who jetted in quietly a few days ago, was in the country for charity.

According to bigeye.ug, Emeli was in Uganda ahead of Red Nose Day, a biennial fundraising campaign which will be celebrated on Friday, 24th March 2017. It is aimed at seeing how street children are being helped to get an education and if vaccinations are making a difference in the local communities.

Sauti Sol Links Up With Amazing Globetrotting Teenager To Promote Education Projects



The Campaign is aimed at raising money and awareness against poverty through different fun activities held around the world.

Adele Emily Sandé better known as Emeli Sandé, is a Scottish recording artist and songwriter. She first became prominent after she was featured on the track “Diamond Rings” by the rapper Chipmunk in 2009.

She has collaborated with the likes of Naughty Boy, Labrinth, David Guetta, Professor Green, Wiley, Rudimental, Kendrick Lamar among others.

She previously said her new album was inspired by a “life-changing” trip to Zambia after her marriage ended.

Adekunle Gold Of The Acclaimed ‘Gold’ Album Set For Kenya Media Tour

The star, who grew up in Aberdeenshire, visited her father’s homeland in 2015, travelling to her grandmother’s village “deep, deep into the outback”.

“There’s no electricity, no running water,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Front Row. “But they’d light the fire and everyone would sing.”

“There’s one track featuring my dad and my cousins, called Tenderly, and there’s a prayer for my auntie. “I feel like that [visiting Zambia] was such a big spiritual turning point for me.”

Listen to ‘Tenderly’ below which features the Serenje Choir;


This Girl Is On Fire! STL’s Single, ‘Work’ Is The Theme Song For Global Shoe Brand

STL’s single, ‘Work’, off her new EP is the official theme song for a shoe campaign. The commercial features American singer, actress, and dancer Teyana Taylor as the new face of the shoe. In the video commercial, Teyana is dancing to Stella Mwangi’s ‘Work’  – just like in her performance in Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ video.


‘Work’ is Stella’s third single, off her self-titled new EP, to get recognition in Hollywood. While ‘Big Girl’ was leased to Donut Media – an American production that specializes in producing TV and YouTube content on the freshest car, motorsports, supercars, auto news and car and prank videos every week; ‘Set It Off’ was recently featured on BET Africa’s, Being Mary Jane Season 4, eps 4.

Wachana Na Yeye! American Rapper Xzibit Goes Ham On Kenyans Over STL’s Ridiculous Lie


Stella Mwangi’s EP is a fusion of songs with high energy and her distinct Hip Hop flow that unites her fans across the globe. Fusing Swahili and English in her European songs, Stella continues to create a diverse sound while remaining authentic to her African origins and style.

Mungu Amuonekanie! Rose Muhando Denies Allegations That She’s On Her Death Bed & Quitting Music

Top Tanzanian singer, Rose Muhando, has been involved in a lot of controversy over the past few months. This might explain why she has not been releasing new songs of late and taken a music hiatus for a while.

Muhando has been going through personal issues in the last 2 years, from undergoing a surgery back in 2014, to falling critically ill up to the point where media reports from the Bongo country claimed that she was on the verge of dying.

At some point, the super talented singer was rumored to be on drugs because her health was deteriorating, accusations she vehemently denied, saying that the propagators of the rumours were people who wanted to work with her but she turned them down.

Tanzanian Gospel Singer Rose Muhando Shuts Down Rumours That She’s A Drug Addict


Rose Muhando then requested reporters and media to be careful what they publish about her without her clarification because it was affecting her family psychologically, but the stories did not stop there.

The dust settled down for a while, but a few weeks ago, other claims of Rose Muhando being on the verge of her last days on earth swirled around, and this time she had enough and decided to address this disgusting headlines tarnishing her name.

ALSO READ; Rose Muhando Undergoes Surgery

The Swahili singer has admitted to being ill, but not to the extent of the sickness being fatal, but didn’t reveal exactly what she’s suffering from. She maintains that she’s very healthy and that’s why she’s able to attend meetings every other week.

“It is true I was ailing, but not to the extent Tanzanian media reported. I am very healthy,” she said.


“That explains why I am able to attend far-off meetings. Our media sometimes reports nonfactual information. Whenever someone withdraws to his or her cocoon – and disappears from the public eye, you’d see them write that the person is depressed or is critically ill, “ she told Edaily

Muhando also confessed her disappointment in some people who pretend to be her allies but give media false and information just to ruin her image. She blames the media for also not doing their research well.

“Some journalists from these sides do little to verify authenticity of the reports people feed them with. I don’t understand their intention, “ she reiterated.

Tanzanian Gospel Singer Rose Muhando Shuts Down Rumours That She’s A Drug Addict


“Some people disguise as my friends, only to feed the media reports blown out of proportion about my life. Sadly, the media ends up receiving all the flak, while it is the fake friends who should be the recipients of disapproval, “ she added.

“I don’t like how media in our country reports issues around public figures. If they make an attempt of calling you, they’ll insist in their line of questioning that you are not well, while in reality, you are fine. People who rejoice at others’ woes do not impress me at all.”

Muhando also denied that she’s quitting music, and explained why she has been away from the scene; “I have been silent because I am currently very busy. For example, I often get locked in meetings every other week; but I am currently working on an album that is slated for release in July this year.”



Hana Ball! Cindy Sanyu Refutes Claims That She Is Pregnant

Cindy Sanyu has been surrounded by rumours left, right and center claiming that she is pregnant with a second baby.

Well, the dancehall singer has come out guns blazing to refute the claims that she is pregnant. The rumours have been spreading like wild fire, something that she’s not about to take lightly.

For a while now, people have noticed that she has gained weight and looks quite different from her usual slender self. But what people don’t understand is that it’s pretty easy to gain weight no matter the situation.

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Cindy has finally cleared the air and has revealed that she has just gained weight and is curvier everywhere and taking care good care of herself.

I’M NOT PREGNANT, I gained some weight and I’m curvier everywhere. It’s not a baby, I’m just taking care of myself more and loving my single life.” 

Cindy is however blessed with a 5-year-old daughter from a past relationship.