Diamond Platnumz and Zari Post Photos Of Their Beautiful Family

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan still stand strong despite the controversies and the endless drama that they have had in the past few weeks. Of late, they have been posting photos of their little princess Tiffah and prince Nillan on their social media accounts.


Zari Hassan is a business lady who has been kicking a** with no apology. She is the current brand ambassador of a top car brand and runs her own college in South Africa. She put up a photo of her babies saying;


“Home🏰 @princenillan @princess_tiffah”

On the other hand Diamond Platnumz, a famous Tanzanian Musician and also the first African artiste signed under Universal Music Group to get 6x Platinum Sales on his Single. He also posted a photo of him and his two angels and wrote:

Diamond Platnumz

“My Sperms and i!!!……😃 @princess_tiffah @princenillan”

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WHAT TO WATCH: 10 Series’ You Must Definitely Check Out This Weekend

Okay so the weekend is almost here and if you’ve no plans, don’t worry I got you covered. It’s actually a solid plan for those of you who love to stay indoors and are movie freaks, who cuddle up. Here are some of the top rated series’ you definitely must watch.

  1. legion
    If you are into Action drama movies, legion is something you should take time to watch as the series is based on a marvel comic book by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz. The series is about a group of people with special abilities who are trying to help a young man who must struggle to overcome challenges in his life.
  2. 24 Legacy
    This series is a combination of action, crime and drama. It entails an adrenaline-fueled race against the clock to stop devastating terrorist attacks on United States soil.
    24 Legacy
  3. The Quad
    The quad depicts the typical culture-rich world of Georgia A&M and the struggles the accomplished independent mother Dr. Eva Fletcher faces when managing both work and family.
    The Quad
  4. Aftermath
    Now if you are one that is into the sci-Fi horror kind of movies, you will most definitely want to check out aftermath as it centers around a couple with three almost-grown children, as they battle for survival when civilization comes to an apocalyptic end, triggered by massive storms, meteor strikes, earthquakes, a plague, and the rise of supernatural creatures.
  5. American Housewife
    For those of you that love comedy, this series stars Kate Nixon as she tries to raise her imperfect family in the ‘perfect’ town of West port, a wealthy town filled with perfect wives and their perfect offspring.
    American Housewife
  6. The 100
    The 100 has picked up since 2014 as they release their latest season (season 4). It picks up from the end of season 3 where Sky Crew eliminated Mount Weather, an underground civilization that had been killing the Grounders for decades. Returning home to a world seemingly at peace, survivors wonder if there is more to life than just surviving as new problems keep presenting themselves right after one has been solved.
    The 100
  7. Star
    This series centers around three talented young girls who make their footsteps in the music industry. Forming a band, the trio are chasing their dream and seek for success in the challenging areas such being black in America.
  8. Emerald City
    Emerald city takes viewers inside a world of fantasy. The main character Dorothy Gale is transported from Kansas City to the land of OZ through a tornado. Along the way, she encounters witches, an amnesiac soldier, a sheltered little boy and many more mysterious beings who will ultimately shape the future of Oz and Dorothy’s place in it.
    Emerald City
  9. A.P.B
    A.P.B centers around a high tech billionaire who purchases a troubled police precinct, rebooting it as a private police force. This series is loosely based on the New York Times Magazine article “Who Runs the Streets of New Orleans?” If you are into crime and action movies, you might want to make time for this series.
  10. Black-ish
    Still at the top of the most featured comedy series is Black-ish. Releasing their latest season, Season 3 opens with the Johnsons going to Walt Disney World where the kids take full advantage of their VIP status. Meanwhile, Bow, Pops and Ruby set off on their own adventure there. This series is appropriate for all age groups so you can make family time and watch it together
    So there you have it. Have a lovely weekend.

Wahu Sends A Heart-Wrenching Message To Ailing Big Kev, Reveals One Of His Biggest Dreams In Life

Events organiser, Kevin Ombajo, commonly known as Big Kev, has not had an easy journey. Since 2010, Big Kev has suffered from brain tumors, and so far, 14 tumors have been removed. He has undergone 13 surgeries and the last one, done in India, rendering him paralysed on his entire left side. He has however remained positive as his family and friends in the media industry continue praying for his recovery.

Big Kev Opens Up About His Journey After He Learned He Had Brain Tumor

He has received plenty of visitors, the latest being the president of the republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta and singer, Kidum.

Kidum and big Kev

With the paralysis came another hard blow as he also lost his eye sight; “The doctors call it optic atrophy. They say that the optic nerves dried up,” Big Kev wrote on Facebook when he announced losing his eyesight.

Image result for big kev biography

This sad news has hit the media industry as celebrities took to social media to give their get well soon messages, some of which are quite emotional. Among them is legendary Kenyan artiste, Wahu Kagwi, who wrote a heartfelt message remembering the good days she had with platonic friend and brother, Big Kev, revealing one of his biggest dream.

Big Kev

This is what she wrote;

“I remember clearing 4th form and falling into this group of guys, amongst them my big brother @bigkevkenya. I remember vividly him showing me a book that outlined his vision for his life. Looking at your life Kev, I’m so proud to say that Many of those boxes have been ticked. one of the things though that is still pending, is you wanted to one day become the president of Kenya. Anyone who knows Kev knows he makes for an excellent leader! This country would be blessed to have you in leadership! So I am vouching for you Kev! for your sake, for your daughter and wife’s sake, for your sisters and brother’s sake and for the country’s sake. Get well soon my broda!”

Spill The Beans Sistergirl! Female Artist Signed Under Diamond Platnumz’s Label Talks About Discipline In WCB

Remember Queen Darleen, a Tanzanian female artist who was introduced to the game by Ali Kiba? Lets say she betrayed Kiba after he put her in the lime light because she is now signed under Diamond Platnumz’s music label, WCB.

This Kid Ain’t Loyal! Diamond Platnumz’s Prodigy Rayvanny Confirms Plans To Collabo With Rival Ali Kiba

Well, this Tanzanian songstress who now has few weeks in the label has revealed the rules that come with working with Diamond. Queen Darleen has said that she and other artists working with Diamond’s label are not supposed to walk around in public or in the streets for everyone to see them.Queen Darleen3“Sisi descpline yetu hatutakiwi kutoka kwenye mastarehe hatutakiwi kuzurura ovyo muda wote tupo ofisi, sisi tuna hamu ya kuruka muziki.”

You might remember the song, Wajua, which Darleen featured Diamond’s rival Ali Kiba that got her recognition in the music industry… she however did not perform that hit song during the Wasafi beach party which was during Christmas Eve, 2016. It is obvious that

It is pretty strange considering that Wajua is the hit song that made this Tanzanian Queen get a massive following.

Queen Darlen1Darleen however refused claims that it was because of her new music label that she did not perform her song with Ali Kiba. She cited that her management had planned for her to perform only 3 songs.

Wololo! Have You Seen What Female Fans Are Doing To Diamond Platnumz? (VIDEO)

Darleen now has a hit song with Rayvanny dubbed Kijuso which is making headlines in the bongo industry.

queen darleenThis is what she said about said about her song with Ali Kiba;

“Sitaweza kuperform kwa sababu pale nimepangiwa nyimbo tatu tu ambazo nitaimba nyimbo mbili za zamani alafu na hii moja mpya…Ile haikutakiwa kuwekwa kwa sababu ni nyimbo ambayo iko slow… Mi naenda kutokana na kisasa…Si kwamba kwasababu niko WCB…Natakiwa niende nilivyopangiwa…Mimi nimepangiwa.”





Kenyan Artistes Including Nyashinski, Nameless and Big Pin Get Down At Bien’s Birthday Bash[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

What a way to start of the year! One quarter of Sauti Sol, Kenya’s most iconic boy band, Bien- AimĂ© Baraza, hosted guests, media and entertainers at his birthday party, held at Osoita Lodge, Rongai.

Dubbed, ‘Straight Outta Rongai’, the daytime event saw people networking as well as getting the opportunity mingle with artistes.

On stage to honour the singer were musicians including  Nyashinski, Nameless & Big Pin and Talia Oyando among others.

EXCLUSIVE! Bien Of Sauti Sol Hits The Dance Floor With His Mom At His Swanky Birthday Party [VIDEO]

The crowd was on their feet for much of the party, jamming to popular songs and Bien was not to be left behind, also dancing around and was clearly hyped up.

In attendance was also former Kiss Presenter, Kalekye Mumo, who had a lively dance onstage with Big Pin.

Check Out The Video Below;

Chini Kwa Chini! Mayonde and Muthoni DQ Get Adelle Onyango And Shaffie Weru Dancing With Their New Song (Video)

Whoever says that Kenya does not have musical talents must be very lost. Some of the artistes in town happen to be so underrated yet so they are dope musicians.

Some of those are female singer Mayonde and rapper cum artistes, Fena Gitu and Muthoni The Drummer Queen aka MDQ, who have dropped the sickest collaboration in 2017 yet, featuring renowned male singer /producer Kagwe Mungai, dubbed Kama Kawaida.

The new song by the name is a smash club banger in which Mayonde uses her mellow voice to sing the hooks and chorus, while Fena and Muthoni DQ drop their sick lines with their lyrical prowess. Kagwe uses his magical hands to produce the best beats we have heard this year so far!


Mayonde and Muthoni DQ were hosted by cheerful radio presenter Adelle Onyango and her co-host Shaffie Weru to debut the new song to their fans for the first time. This was a good move since they have both been silent for a while.

EXCLUSIVE! Muthoni The Drummer Queen And Mayonde Reveal Lessons Learnt In 2016

The beautiful Mayonde real name, Diana Nduba, is known as one of the top background singers at Coke Studio Africa, popular for her hit song Isikuti. wMuthoni DQ is a vocal singer who loves art and music and is also the founder of Blankets and Wine outdoor events, known for theNai Ni Ya Who hit jam.


Fena Gitu did not manage to come to Kiss FM studios with her fellow artistes but they represented her well. When the new track played, the two could keep calm as they danced around, singing along to the new song as Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru joined them on the ‘floor’.

I have to say, when the video is out, this will be one of the biggest songs in the 254 this year. Meanwhile, check out the video below as Mayonde, Muthoni DQ, Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru get down to Kama Kawaida. 

The studio was lit and I bet the fans can’t wait for the music video. Watch!


Things Love Can Do: Has Vera Sidika Converted To Islam Because Of Her Moneyed Boyfriend?

Bootylicious socialite Vera Sidika is one of the most popular female celebrities in Africa, and with her hot body, men can’t stop ogling at her wherever she goes.

The lass started out as a plus size model years back and with time, she appreciated her body. She found a way to make money out of it, by taking on video vixen jobs as well as being a high-end escort.

When the money finally came through, Vera Sidika went ahead to bleach her body. She also enlarged her breasts to make her body look sexier because of the nature of her job, and it looks like it eventually paid off.


Vera Sidika is doing very well as far as money and the good life is concerned. She is living a lavish life, got herself a multi-million mansion in Kitusuru, has a top of the class Range Rover and not forgetting her flamboyant globe-trotting and flashy lifestyle.

The stunning socialite recently revealed her boyfriend for the first time and it’s clear that she is fallen hopelessly in love for the rich Nigerian hunk. He resides in Dubai, where she spent her birthday and the New Year festivities.

When Love Takes Over! Who Thought Vera Sidika Would Fall This Hard For a Dude? (Video)

She recently attended Diamond Platnumz’s Christmas party where she made a special appearance after her archenemy Huddah opted to snub the Wasafi party. Huddah cited differences between her and the Bongo star, but we all know it was probably because Vera was also invited to the same bash.
Vera Sidika and boyfriend
The curvy socialite and video girl is currently in Dubai spending quality time with her monied boyfriend. She also revealed that she has started working out as one of her New Year’s resolutions, something that she been dragging out for a while now.

Vera Sidika Twerks For Fans At Diamond Platnumz’s Wild Beach Party As Huddah Snubs The Event (Video)

While stepping out with her boo, Vera Sidika showed us a side of herself that many have not seen, by rocking an ‘abaya’ popularly known as a Bui Bui in Kenya. She looks ravishing with it as she ditches her skimpy outfits for once!

Vera Sidika had previously shared a photo while wearing the abaya and a hijab with her lover, who also wore an abaya for men, bit for some reason, she deleted it afterward. Maybe because some fans were speculating that he had converted to Islam…?

Mapenzi Inaweza! Vera Sidika Has Turned Wife Material, Now Cooking For Her Hunk Dude (Photos)

But it’s all on a light note and there’s no actual proof of her converting from Christianity to Islam unless she officially confirms it. Meanwhile, check out the photos below, as Vera struts it in a Bui Bui.

Vera Sidika and boyfriend vera-sidika-buibui




She Has No Chills! What Akothee Has Revealed About Her Baby Daddies Will Shock You!

Kenyan female singer Akothee became a well-known singer in 2015 when she worked with popular African artistes, Flavour from Nigeria and Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania.

The lively singer become an instant sensation when she dropped her two club bangers, dubbed Give It To Me and Sweet Love respectively, giving her a bigger platform in the music scene both locally and all over Africa.

Nani Kama Sisi! From Akothee To Willy Paul, Kenya Wins Big At The AFRIMMA Awards 2016

Though she was still singing before all the fame, Akothee is said to be the richest Kenyan artiste so far, with a Safari tour business, investments and mansions across the country, not forgetting her fleet of cars and lavish holiday travels.


The bubbly singer, real name, Esther Akoth, made history when she recently scooped two coveted awards, as the Best Female East Africa at the African Musik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) and Best Female Africa at the African Entertainment Awards USA (AEAUSA).

Akothee is not just an entertainer and businesswoman but is also a mother to 5 adorable children – three girls, and two boys – and for a woman her age, she looks nothing like a mother with so many kids.

Akothee Is A Crazy Mother, See How She Celebrated Her Daughter Passing KCSE

The sassy singer embraces motherhood and is never ashamed to admit that the children are from different fathers, with the girls being from her Kenyan ex-husband and the boys from her former white lover.


Akothee was set to walk down the aisle with her filthy rich Swiss fiancĂ© back in 2015 but things didn’t go as planned as she sadly had a miscarriage in Geneva, losing her unborn twins, which was heartbreaking for her.

But now she has picked up the pieces and started off the new year with a new single, Benefactor, produced by renowned South African deejay, DJ Maphorisa.

Sponsor Manenos! Wealthy Singer Akothee Finally Unveils Her Old Mzungu Sponsor

Akothee is also a very proud mother who works hard for her children, and recently, she went on to wish her baby daddies early birthday wishes for this year in advance and while at is, she revealed that they all support her financially but at the same time warning them not to pester her with calls.

Check out the post below… this woman is truly hilarious!

I have wished all baby daddies a happy birthday in advance , please keep this message when your turn comes , absorb that baby mama already wished you a happy birthday , may you live long so you keep topping up our jumbo accounts , till 18 years do us part! no phone calls pliz apart from visiting days ! hapa kwa Akothee ni boarding Kila nyani na siku yake , msigongane kwa gate, I LOVE YOU ALL . PASS MY REGARDS TO YOUR NEW CACHES #Akothmyfirstwife is saying haloo




EXCLUSIVE! Bien Of Sauti Sol Hits The Dance Floor With His Mom At His Swanky Birthday Party [VIDEO]

This past Sunday saw fans, media and lovers of Sauti Sol attend Bien’s 29th birthday party at Osoita Lodge, Rongai. The elegant venue was the perfect place for revelers to enjoy a chilled out environment, with entertainment for the likes of Nameless, Nyashinski, Big Pin, 125, Habib and Talia.

Bien was clearly excited and took the opportunity to have a dance with his mother, Grace Baraza, as seen on the video below.

ALSO; We Need To Talk About Ciku Muiruiri’s Daughter Erica’s Gorgeous Hair

The exclusive, invite-only party is one that will go down in the books as one of the most hyped up events. Quite the way to start off the new year.

Seems The First Axe Has Fallen In The Wake Of Mariah Carey’s Lip-Sync Fiasco

It appears  Mariah Carey’s creative director is the first victim after Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve lip-syncing disaster. The singer will no longer work with her longtime creative director, Anthony Burrell, and tour choreographer and dancer according to Entertainment Tonight.

“He’s not being brought back [in 2017] for a number of reasons,” an unnamed source told the outlet.

The source claims that it was Burrell’s decision to move Mariah’s backup singers off her main stage — and onto the base of the audience risers — to make room for more dancers. Burrell allegedly made this call without the approval of Mariah or her management team, and the switch “left Mariah without any support,” the source explained.

READ; Mariah Carey’s Aides Accuse TV Executives Of Disabling Equipment On Purpose To Expose Her Lip-syncing At New Year’s Show

Had they been closer, the backup singers could have helped Mariah pick up cues after her inner earpiece failed, leaving her unable to hear the music — or at least provided emotional support.

There have been multiple explanations about what went wrong on stage that night. Mariah’s team implied earlier this week that she was the victim of “sabotage,” accusing the production company of ignoring her complaints that her earpieces weren’t working. Dick Clark Productions fired back, saying the accusation is “defamatory, outrageous and frankly absurd.”

Mariah herself spoke out for the first time about the performance, saying “It’s not going to stop me from doing a live event in the future. But it will make me less trusting of using anyone outside of my own team.”